A Different Hong Kong Story

I am always happy to report something that rubs the ugly face of the US administration in its own grime, especially when it concerns one of the world’s greatest heroes of our time, who also happens to be an American.

This is a story of the ordinary people – actually they are not at all ‘ordinary’, they are Sri Lankan refugees living in Hong Kong and in great personal danger.  I will start that again.  This is a story of the extraordinary people who aided Edward Snowden over the thirteen days he was in hiding from US authorities following his dramatic revelations that have so embarrassed, and justifiably so, the lousy, low-down, grossly evil and inhuman US government.  

I found this article incidentally on The Automatic Earth website in the Debt Rattle for today’s date – always a good place to pick up ‘real’ and ‘relevant’ news stories.

Read it for yourself and watch the excellent video from France 24, in English:

Exclusive: Edward Snowden’s guardian angels

Someone please help these people.

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