Cleaning Up Loose Ends

It is not easy being a terrorist ally of the United States.  Start losing ground and you get wiped – as IS discovered at ar-Raqqah in 2017.

I hinted yesterday that the US airstrike on Idlib on Saturday may have greater undercurrents than first appeared, and of course it was silly of me to even think that the US may have had altruistic thoughts in arranging that attack. 

It appears to have been a parting gesture, a show of defiance, an admission of defeat, a reward for incompetence to their previous allies in the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliates, a cleaning up of loose ends and a show of strength that they are still a dangerous enemy – and coincidentally also showing that they should not be trusted, by anyone.

This report by Moon of Alabama has more detail: Coordinated Foreign Airstrike Kills Leaders Of Two Al-Qaeda Aligned Groups

The US knows the game is up in Syria – and they lost.  As also in their game in Iraq.  The tide is turning for the Middle East – a much brighter dawn is due to follow the US sunset.

And remember this – the oppressed people of the West need liberating (and perhaps re-educating) too. 

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