US Airstrike in Syria’s Idlib

TASS reports:  ‘US forces conduct strike against al-Qaeda near Idlib’

Unbelievable as it sounds, has the US international coalition finally done something useful in Syria, or is there more yet to be revealed behind this story? This is not part of their normal area of operations. Overt operations anyway. Is this a warning in response to threats made by militant groups who see that the game is now up and Western help is no longer forthcoming? Or maybe putting Turkey on notice over tensions a little further east?

It is assumed that this raid was cleared in advance with the Russian military authorities who may have had aircraft also operating in the area.

Other reports suggest that up to 40 terrorist leaders meeting north of the city of Idlib have been killed in that raid.

While aerial bombing of terrorist targets is still being carried out, the Syrian army is now holding a unilaterally organised ceasefire in the Idlib province – presumably to regroup following their successful liberation of much territory in northern Hama and southern Idlib.

In other news, these events have triggered movements of ‘Syrian’ civilians (most likely terrorist elements) to exit points on the Syria/Turkey border to the north of Idlib province to gain entry to Turkey.  They have been stopped, tear-gassed, and fired on, by Turkish border guards. Well, these folk made the choice earlier on to make Idlib their anti-government stronghold, but that region is now being eroded by the Syrian army activity to clean up and take out the trash.  No place now to hide – and perhaps no further options.

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