Life in the Western Town…

Life in the Western Town, in the 21st century.
It’s goddamned pointless, goddamned worthless, and pretty goddamned fragile.
With a majority of Western folk on ‘meds’ of some kind, mostly to numb blown minds, joyless lives, barely existing, no dreams to dream, and no future hopes to hope, endemic physical and mental disabilities, is there any reason to not wonder why there are not even more mass killings, rapes, murders, thefts, confused gender issues, and suicides. 

Linked Clusterfuck Nation article: “Hold The Teddy Bears and Candles”

Kunstler is right, no amount of gun restrictions is going to solve this. There is only one way to solve this. As he says in the quote below, “…it will require the demise of the things that have worked so hard to destroy…” the things that used to really matter in life …and that means a casting away of all the things that make up what we refer to as living today – everything modern – everything that was supposed to make life easier but instead took away all our values and ideals. It all has to go …and it will, one way or another.

Kunstler explains, as eloquently as he can:
“We await a restructuring of American life into real communities of people working together at things that matter, and it will require the demise of the things that have worked so hard to destroy all that, namely, the tyranny of the giants, the town-killing Walmarts, the suffocating monster of government, the media manipulators of reality, the too-big-to-fail banks. The people alone won’t loosen the grip of these monsters and, honestly, they lack the will to even imagine life without all that. But history onrushing will do it for them, first in the form of a financial fiasco that upsets the meaning of what “money” is, and all the instruments calibrated in it; and then with an economic collapse of supply lines and activities that we can’t afford to carry on anymore.”

Bring on the day of destruction. There is nothing of today worth keeping.

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