Do You Ken?

“We have to make it absolutely clear, before propaganda campaigns begin saying ‘Why us? We’ve just let the US place its missiles on our territory, but they are aimed exclusively against terrorists (Iran, North Korea, Syria and so on)’. No, this is not going to work. Those who place missiles automatically and willingly become a nuclear target with several minutes of flight time,” said chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev.

Linked TASS article: “Countries with US missiles on their territory may become nuclear targets — Russian senator”

“…willingly become a nuclear target”. Seems clear enough to me. It even seems fair enough to me.

Nuclear aggressors, even cowardly de-facto nuclear aggressors, are fair game for nuclear retaliation.

The fact that my own nation is even considering to ‘willingly become a nuclear target’ cuts no ice with that plain statement of response. Though why Australia should give even a second of thought to the possibility of joining in with US lunacy, is a thing beyond my ken. 

Do you ken? I hope somebody does. Someone with the power to make rational decisions – if such a person exists in the Australian government – though I am not at all hopeful.

It will be interesting to see how many ‘willing nuclear targets’ put their hand up for the job over the coming months, to join those already marked as such in Europe.

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