Final Word (I hope) On MH17

I think that everyone knows that the MH17 inquiry just concluded was a total sham designed to reach one conclusion and one conclusion only and that having been decided two years ago before it even started.  Such a tainted affair merits no credibility whatsoever but it does show that powerful forces want at any cost to cast blame and reproach on one particular party.  A plan which implies that those forces wish to hide their own guilt.

The question to ask then is – “Who benefits from the MH17 inquiry finding?”

I came across this today – MH17 Inquiry’s Final Episode: ‘Who Benefits?’ (Video).   It is a genuine inquiry into the MH17 affair, where all available evidence (not fictitious ‘secret’ evidence) is considered.

The conclusion is that it was not a BUK missile but a Ukraine Air Force Mig29 fighter jet, presumably under orders not necessarily originating from Ukraine military sources, which brought that fateful flight down.

While I had not been aware of the existence of this series until today, I have been exposed to some of the evidence used in it and for the last two years have maintained and promoted the facts as being exactly what is found by this inquiry.  I feel entirely vindicated by these findings and I honestly feel that herein lies the truth of the matter.

  • No blame can be attached to Russia.
  • No blame can be attached to the brave peoples forces of the Luhansk and Donetsk Independent Republics – elsewhere referred to as the ‘rebels’.
  • No blame can be attached to whoever in the Ukraine military ordered and fired the weapon that brought down the aircraft – other than what their own conscience permits.
  • The entire blame resides with those forces that dreamed up the planned attack for their own devious and evil purposes.  I don’t know who those people are but I do know who their current leader is – President of the United States – Barak Obama. That direction is where the finger needs to point.

Entirely worth taking the time to view, this inquiry is published as six fairly brief YouTube videos.  The final episode is linked to in the article. There is also a link to the whole MH17 Inquiry Series there. If you don’t have time to watch all episodes I suggest 2, 4, 5 and the final one are the most important and revealing.

Please don’t allow the wool to be pulled over your eyes by what the media and government want you to see and know and also what they want you to not see and to not know.

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