Standing Against Obfuscation

Here is another post from my Facebook page that I wanted to share here.  I seem to spend most of my writing time these days commenting on the Syrian situation.  I feel that is important, perhaps the most important thing going on in our times or at least just now in the second half of 2016.  The subject relates to this Russia Insider article: US Outcry Over Syria… Tears Followed by NATO Bombs

This is entirely my own view:

It is important to speak out when you see injustice and bad things happening anywhere, no matter who it is that is offending against humanity.

That is why I have been concentrating on the situation in Syria over recent weeks and why I will continue to do so for as long as it takes to get the message out (because the media does not generally seem willing or able to do so) on just what is really going on there.

Shamefully, it is my own nation, Australia, that is on the wrong side in this affair as part of the Western Alliance led by those inveterate warmongers, wreckers of nations and prolific killers of innocents, the US. I’m not sure why we Australians side with them because, let’s face it, they always lose, go home, sulking, with their tails between their legs and leaving behind them utter suffering and chaos which the peoples of the world have to soothe, heal, clean up and pay for.

And neither the media nor the UN is helping.

Take Aleppo, over which most of the current screaming, ranting and hair pulling is being wrought. The largest city in Syria, with a population of some 2.5 million people (Yes, it actually belongs to Syria) is largely controlled by the legitimate Syrian government except for an eastern enclave which is occupied and held by brutal terrorists which the West tends to describe as ‘moderate rebels’ to justify their ongoing support to them, and also a smaller enclave held by Kurdish forces. Syria and their allies are justifiably attempting (and will succeed) to drive out or destroy those terrorists. The West, on the other hand, is aiding the terrorists (with arms and embedded US ‘advisers’) because what they are doing suits US policy drives to get rid of the Assad regime.

Inside the terrorist enclave live around 250,000 Syrians (some willingly, some not, some actively trying to escape) and it is inevitable that there will be civilian casualties caused by the conflict. It is these people (one tenth of the total population of the city) and their estimated 100,000 children who are at grave risk. Is that the fault of the Syrian government? No. Not in any way is it their fault, or the Russians, or any of their allies. The fault lies with the terrorists and their Western backers entirely. Read the RI article for more on that.

Are the Syrian government forces or the Russians targeting these trapped people with barrel bombs, chemical weapons or munitions of any sort? Of course not. That would be unconscionable. Amnesty International observers have concurred to that. Terrorists, on the other hand, and their US suppliers, have no conscience (oh, they pretend to, I grant you).

Here is a snippet from the RI article:

“And a key leitmotif of the official Western narrative is to create the perception that innocent civilians in Aleppo are being slaughtered by Syria and Russian forces. Both Damascus and Moscow reject claims that they are targeting civilian areas. Moscow has vehemently refuted Western claims that it is committing war crimes. Even the normally jingoistic US outlet Radio Free Europe quotes a legal expert from Amnesty International as saying that there is no evidence to indict Russia of such crimes.

And because the anti-government militants restrict access to their stronghold, including for UN aid agencies, it is hard to verify the claims and footage coming out of there. Which notwithstanding has not restrained Western media from broadcasting the information verbatim.”

Use your own judgement. You can’t believe anything that you read in mainstream media nor anything that your politicians are telling you.

Finally (for today), I believe that this situation will develop into all out global war, mainly because that is what the Americans want and indeed need in order to resurrect their failing economy for a while. We Australians will unfortunately find ourselves dragged into that on the wrong side and many of our major cities will end up as smoking ruins where life will be impossible for centuries or even millennia.



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  1. Your post hasn’t appeared in my news feed. Neither has the one you did yesterday from Counter Punch. What is happening here? Did you share them both publicly? I don’t trust FB! I have the post you commented on from RI, that was 7 hrs ago, but I want to share what you just wrote. I’ve been to your timeline and can share it from there I suppose, but it should still appear in my feed. You did it 1 hr ago and more recent stuff has appeared since then. Bloody FB!

    1. Update. I found the Counter Punch share way back in my feed but when I tried to share what you wrote above, from your timeline, it just posted the RI post and not what you said. Does it take FB a month of Sundays to get stuff to my feed?

      1. Hi Bev. I have checked all my recent posts and they all show as public so I am not sure why you are not receiving them. My internet connection, being over the Telstra wifi service, could possibly be at fault from time to time. I could send you the FB links to my missing posts if necessary …and who knows what FaceBook gets up to.

        Also, just remembered, I may have had a post open for edit (I often do that to correct errors) which may have prevented access.

  2. Not sure what’s happening with posts to FB. Have just come home from Yvonne’s where we spent some time comparing what we’re seeing on FB, on our iPads. She sees some posts on her news feed that you shared, yet they don’t appear on my feed. We were wondering if it might be because you and she are FB ‘friends’, but you and I only ‘follow’ one another. All a mystery to me!

    1. Should add, re the ‘friends’ thing, that Yvonne had been reading your posts which I shared through my timeline and thinks she somehow hit the wrong button which resulted in her asking to ‘friend’ you (ridiculous FB language!). And you accepted, which she was quite happy about. Should also add that she is going on 89, a retired nurse and as sharp as a tack mentally….we have some great discussions every Friday (even though sometimes she does hit the wrong button!). I think you would like her!

      1. Yes, I was quite surprised to get a ‘friend’ request. I only accepted because I knew that you knew her. Most ‘friend’ requests I just ignore or at least check out their timeline to see who they are and why they would want to be my ‘friend’. Mostly they don’t even have anything on their timeline.

        I am happy to go to ‘friend’ status with you if you like. I don’t normally, in fact I can’t remember ever making a ‘friend’ request to anyone on Facebook previously.

  3. I’ve never made a friend request on FB either. Probably afraid of rejection 😉 Of the 5 I have, 3 are close friends and the other 2 are acquaintances I haven’t seen for years. I’ve had a few requests which I’ve ignored because I don’t know who they are. And I have a few followers.
    I’ve come to see that the more friends I have, the more likely it is that I will get stuff in my news feed that doesn’t interest me and only takes up space. So I choose to follow those people/sites which I know will interest me, which is why you’re on my follow list. But we can become friends if it will mean I can share your posts with the extensive comments you often make. (I just shared your latest blogpost because it was the only way I could do it). So I will ‘friend’ you and you can accept (or vice versa). Yvonne talked me into doing this FB thing….said it would be good for me! LOL!

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