Playing With Fire

Well, there you go. You play with fire, eventually you will get burned fingers.  New York investigates radioactive leak in groundwater near city

Photo credit: The Indian Point energy center in Buchanan, New York.  Ricky Flores/AP

This could be considerably worse that they are currently admitting.

And…  just to put it in context, what happens when the electricity grid eventually fails due to poor infrastructure maintenance, lack of natural resources (oil and coal, yes, nuclear power generation relies on the grid to keep operating), war, climate upheaval, civil insurrection, financial or general economic collapse, lack of trained workers, revolt of trained workers or terrorist activity?

All of those 99 nuclear power plants in the US would suffer meltdown (just like Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, among others), if not in the reactor itself then in the cooling ponds.  Much of the US will become uninhabitable when any of those things occur.  That is why, I think, they have military forces scattered over the whole world.  They will soon need, and not just because of the nuclear contamination risk, somewhere else to park their people.  That US Marine battalion up in the north of Australia is not just there for this country’s protection.  Not that Australia will remain habitable for long either, except for Tasmania and perhaps a few small areas up north.

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