Putin’s Angels

They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are people with a purpose.

Image:  Vladimir Putin with the Night Wolves’ Alexander ‘The Surgeon’ Zaldostanov. Photograph: Alexey Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images

Yes, they are bikers, with a typical biker mentality, and yes, you wouldn’t want to take them home to meet your mother, but they have helped to shape parts of the modern world and keep at bay the anarchic powers that control most of the rest of us.

They are Putin’s Angels.

They helped save the new Russia from communist resurgence.  They played a part in the return of Crimea to her Russian Motherland.  They stopped the hordes of Porkyshenko’s CIA aided neo-nazi battalions from ethnically cleansing eastern Ukraine, and seized freedom and independence for the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

They are true soldiers, prepared to fight for a cause they really believe in, Novorossiya, a project now on hold.

The only problem I see with them is what to do with them when it is all over (I suppose they could become politicians).

But then, it may never be ‘all over’ anyway.  Perhaps even, the issue becomes irrelevant because the ‘all over’ thing takes on global dimensions.

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