The Sting In The Tail Of FTAs

07pipeline-web1-superjumboPhoto: A decision in November by President Obama to deny TransCanada a permit for its Keystone XL pipeline project was widely praised by environmental groups. Credit Andrew Cullen/Reuters


This is why Free Trade Agreements (so beloved of the LibNats and LabRats in Australia and various political parties of other nations under the thumb and in the pay of mega-corporate structures) are just bad, bad, bad, bad, baaaaaad:  TransCanada Seeks $15 Billion From U.S. Over Keystone XL Pipeline

They are designed to protect big business.  That is their only purpose.

And if some future (or present) government decides to do something that will negatively impact the business model of one of these corporate entities, they are allowed to sue the pants off that government (and that means you and me as taxpayers, because governments have no money of their own) to compensate for their loss of income.

How, and in what universe, is that fair?

And who gave our governments the right to sign away our futures in this way?

Politicians.  Stupid, conniving, self-aggrandising Bastards all.

I’m holding back.  Can’t you tell?

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