“American Feelgood Is More Important Than Syrian Lives.” – Obama

Let’s be clear, President Obama didn’t actually say that to the UN General Assembly, but that is his underlying message.

Russian President Putin, on the other hand, to quote this article:

“Putin is right. Everyone knows Putin is right, that the only way forward in Syria, if not to eternal slaughter, is via the established government of Bashar al-Assad and his Lebanese and Iranian allies.”

Who is the greater man? Who is the more worthy leader (in spite of the veiled digs of Henry Kissinger)?  Again, quoting this article:

“The result of American and British grandstanding at the UN this week – seeing who can be ruder about Assad – is that Vladimir Putin has gathered ever more cards to his pack. Putin has already performed the two primary duties of a Russian leader, bringing stability and pride. He now faces turbulent Russian minorities across his European frontier and a serious menace from Muslim states to his south. He is perforce becoming a player on a wider stage. He has read Iran, India and Syria correctly. He is no fool.”

One final quote:

“…western policy in the region …has been a disaster. If we have nothing more intelligent to say on Syria, we should listen to Putin. He has.”

This post inspired by:  Why the west should listen to Putin on Syria

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