Fuck Chris Kyle!

Fuck Chris Kyle! Oh, I forgot, he’s already been fucked by some other dumb fuck.

What’s this all about? Well, I’m writing this post in support of Abby Martin, sweet, lovable, artist ( http://abbymartin.org/), reporter (http://bit.ly/1yxFUzk) and occasional T-shirt designer (https://instagram.com/p/2E7BFiOSnI/).

She recently questioned the wisdom and virtue of making the recent movie ‘American Sniper’, lauding social psychopath and mass killer Chris Kyle as something of a hero. Admittedly, quite provocatively and perhaps a little unwisely (though I defend her right to do so), she also published her ‘Fuck Chris Kyle’ T-shirt photo in a Facebook post, https://www.facebook.com/JournalistAbbyMartin, that she has since been taken down due to threats to her personal safety.  Abby’s actions have led to a torrent of abuse and threats from obviously psychotic, dumb-ass, so-called ‘American Patriots’, for example as those who contribute to this ludicrously mindless website where such nutters tend to vent their hate for anybody and everybody else: http://woundedamericanwarrior.com/disgusting-veteran-hater…/   I reference this only to add balance to the story.

All of this just proves that there are elements of American society, and I guess most other Western societies, though they seem to fester, prosper and flourish more in that particular arena than any other, that are deplorable, unconscionable, dangerous (criminally so), anti-social and pretty much anti- anything other that their own little conclave of like-minded bigotry. Were they to disappear entirely, the world would neither miss them nor be any the worse off for their passing.

Meanwhile, those who are prepared to speak out on the false values that these patriotic nutters profess, will inevitably be subjected to any vitriolic outbursts and disgusting threats that those idiots care to vomit up.

Good on you Abby Martin. Keep up the good work that you do, and don’t be intimidated by these gutless, spineless, bigoted, intestinal worms.

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