New EU Army?

A short but vital post.  Mostly copied from my Facebook page.

The EU is debating whether to raise its own army.  It has obviously realised that NATO forms a threat to its ongoing health and safety (not before time).

Alexander Neu, a Bundestag MP from Germany’s Die Linke (Left) party, said that a European army is needed to loosen NATO grip on the continent.

“NATO is an instrument of American influence in Germany and the EU. It’s the instrument that allows the US to fulfill its agenda in Europe. A united EU army would question the dominant positions of the US within NATO,” the German MP said.

A new army for the EU? Well, in principle that is a good idea, but in view of the fact that there will soon be no EU (‘soon’ is relative, there has been a teetering on the edge for more than a few years now, but it is coming) it is a moot one.

What they need to do however, if they are ever going to get out from under the heel of the US, is to get rid of NATO.

Thinking… thinking…  Didn’t Europe have its own army once? Ah yes. What was it called now, let me think?

Ah yes, the Wehrmacht, which included contingents from every European nation with the possible exception of Britain (but I am not entirely sure about that).

One thing is for sure. If Europe formed its own army once again, with the current economic predominance of Germany within the EU (they pretty much run things), the new European Army would undoubtedly be a remake of the Wehrmacht (and once again Britain would abstain, being tied to the apron strings of the US as it is).

And let’s not forget, the original Wehrmacht did achieve some pretty remarkable military victories, alone against the world, and if they had not been led by a bunch of raving madmen the world may have gone down an entirely different path to the fucked up, US dominated, mess we have today.

Thank the stars there is a strongman in Russia and a few emerging elsewhere (did I mention Greece? Oops!) with the backbone to stand up to the US supremacists and their lackeys. We should be grateful they are there.

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