In The Interests Of Expanding Vocabulary (and other useful stuff)

I added a new word to my vocabulary today.  That is something that I try to do regularly but in this case I use the occasion to broadcast, to whatever audience is listening, that at the same time I also discovered an intriguing new facility put together by Gail Zawicki

First the addition to my vocab under words beginning with ‘T’.  Actually, words beginning with ‘Tri’ as in something having three components.  The following quote comes (slightly edited – for the benefit of anyone to whom this is an entirely new concept) from Gail’s new facility which I will describe next:

Trifuckta – As in, the race to see which of the three predominant converging catastrophes will be the first to trigger total collapse and doom –

  • Energy (peak oil, coal and gas)
  • Environment (pollution, overpopulation and climate)
  • Economy (over-extraction, income inequality and poverty, financial ponzi scheme, corruption)

As stated by the Curator, aren’t we lucky to have ringside seats at the finish line?

What sort of facility would contain such a word definition?  Well, it would admirably fit into any collection of writings centered around the Doom and Disaster meme, which is exactly what this facility is all about, and I love it.  It is to be found at The Doom For Dummies blogspot, aka The Apocalypsi Library at the End of the World, and The Universal Map Of Doom. Yes, they all point to the same place.

Gail Zawicki built the library and justifiably acts as curator.

If you want to see a concise  …I think I meant to say comprehensive  …maybe both, because it is all things Doomy in one easily accessible place.  It is well worth taking a look if you are interested in a broader range of the things I am normally banging on about, but beware, your whole outlook on life may be irremediably affected.

future-doomedJust one more snippet from this Treasure Trove.  What is Dunbar’s Number?

Dunbar’s Number – with more than 150 members of a tribe, people lose the ability to empathize so…they start killing each other, why not?

So, if you find you have more than 150 friends on your Facebook or other SN page, basically, you are just kidding yourself or setting yourself up for a massacre.  Better go join a gated community or alternative intentional community of not more than 150 souls.

Unfortunately I had to slightly modify this quote again to include the word ‘to’.  Why are Americans losing the ability to produce statements built from correct English Language rules of grammar?  Is that important?  You bet your sweet tushy it is?  Well, to me, anyway.  For now.  In the long run it won’t matter.

And finally, do you find yourself at a loose end just now?  You can endlessly amuse yourself, or perhaps find enlightenment, with this link obtained again from an entry in Gail’s aforementioned little Jewel Box of Wisdom.  It is:  The New Age Bullshit Generator.  Read the first page and then just keep pressing the ‘Reionize electrons’ button at the top of the page until satisfaction is achieved (or you come across something useful for marketing your next blog post or business idea).

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  1. That’s a great site; thanks for sharing. Have read much of the stuff and recognise most of the people mentioned. If we can’t fix it, we may as well laugh about it.

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