Post Hiatus, Why?

Oh dear, no posts here in over a month. I haven’t been lazy, unwell, bored, anti-everything or anything like that.  I have been posting merrily away on my Blogger site ‘Meanderings’.

It all started with my needing to think about thinking about my future, and resulted in my putting down a few thoughts in a blog post, without really having any idea where that would lead.

At the time of writing this message, those thoughts have spread over a series of seven related posts with no sign of coming to an end as yet.  My hope is that by doing this I may end up with some sort of plan, or at least an idea, on where to take myself next in this journey on the path of life I am travelling.

I guess this could mean that I may not post again here until that particular stage of my journey is complete.  If interested, the journey begins here.

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