For me, It’s Now A Wait & See Game

I have been blowing the trumpet for some time now, warning about the state of the world, politics, economics, climate and the environment.  It seems, at least for the time being, that I have lost the drive to continue on this theme.  The mojo has retreated to a safe place.  The subject has become a little same-same, with repetitious information being cycled through again and again and many of the leading lights at the forefront of the ‘movement’, if that is the right descriptor, appearing to be mainly concerned with selling books, advertising space, speaking engagements and other business as usual commercial ideas.  There is nothing really new about anything being said just now, except for a few ideas that mostly sidetrack the discussion in well-meaning but pointless directions that don’t really address the important issues.

Don’t get me wrong, my thoughts and ideas on the subject have not changed.  I am still very concerned about what is going on and for the future of our civilisation, the very real dangers we face and the fact that no-one seems to care very much about all that.  At least not enough to alter their way of living at all or to any great extent.

So, for me, it has now become more of a wait and see game.

I may of course still pop my head up to relate some juicy news from time to time when I get stirred up enough to do that.

Things are still moving along and I expect very soon to be able to issue some ‘I told you so’ messages.  Perhaps even as early as the middle of this year, during the southern hemisphere Summer/ northern Winter.  I hope I am wrong  …but I doubt that is the case.

Remember last year, 2012?  It may have not been the end of the world as some expected, but it was a watershed year in many ways.

People generally have very short memories, being fed by the 24 hour news media cycle. Remember the floods, fires, droughts, excessive heat, excessive cold, melting sea ice and glaciers, hunger, poor harvests, economic stagnation, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, illness, riots, demonstrations, wars, conflicts, changes of government, corruption and crime, etc., etc.?

This is only the beginning.

Watch this space…

2 thoughts on “For me, It’s Now A Wait & See Game

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    1. Thanks Bev, I probably needed a little nudge to do that. I have been following your posts with interest but it was such a disappointing year for me. I had high expectations for a bumper crop this year, planting much more broadly than last year. Things started well but then came summer. What a summer. No rain for three months and most days in the 30Cs. The garden didn’t stand a chance. Especially since I couldn’t spare any water other than a little grey water.

      Overall I didn’t do too badly when I came to take stock after it ended. I will put something on the blog about it as my food forest, built on swales, mostly survived. I believe this was due to the water stored underground from the swale activity over the previous year. And that’s a good thing. Onward to next year with some renewed hope but a realisation that things are likely to get ever more drier around this corner of the nation. Added to that, I have just learned that the owner of the property I am renting has decided to sell. I hope to be able to stay on as tenant to whoever the new owner will be but it is unsettling until it is settled.

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