American Biscuit

I made American Biscuits today.  Lovely!  I won’t include a picture so that you will look at the recipe link below (if interested).

Lately I have been reading a lot of American post collapse or post apocalypse fiction.  It is easy and cheap to get hold of from Amazon as instant Kindle downloads.  I hate Kindle and I will explain sometime in another post what I do to make these into readable pdf files.

It is interesting to get into the American mind-set, or at least that part of the culture that comes under the general heading of ‘Preppers’, and I have picked up some useful tips and information from our cousins across the water.

One thing that I found universally mentioned in these books whenever home cooking comes up in the story, is ‘biscuits’.  They seem to have them for breakfast  to go with any sort of cooked food.  Not having a clue what they meant by biscuits, I looked up a recipe.  It  looked so very simple that I decided to try it out this morning.  A great success first time and they are very delicious.  An almost melt-in-the-mouth treat, straight from the oven with a little butter or jam.  They look like scones but are much, much lighter and more delicate.

Here is the recipe link:

I will be making these again..

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