The Suffering of Donbass Children

I have a particular kind of revulsion for people in the west who, in their ignorance, support Ukraine in any way over the conflict currently raging there. I can only think those people to be utterly stupid. Not necessarily evil like those who have plagued the lives of others – [the victims of Ukraine and its motivators including but not limited to, the naturally loving, proud and trusting people of the Donbass (and their children)] – for the last nine years, but those who are just dumb as fuck from living wasted lives in the western hell of foggy inhumanity and self-obsessed delusion. You know who you are.

To say anything more I would need to use really rude words, so I will let it rest there.

The cause, no, the catalyst for my restrained anger being a video which came across my desk last night, which submerged any last hope I had for the human race in general. That’s not exactly what I intended to say but I will let it stand for now – while I explain further. A large part of the human family has proven to be irredeemably contaminated with hate for others. And they live for the most part in the mainly white anglo-saxon parts of the world. But there are parts of our communities – even in those defunct western lands – where still the basic human qualities like honour, love, trust, sacrifice, courage, hope and morality, persist as the driving energies of real people who have remained untainted by false western narratives and ideals. And of course there are billions around the world who have never been so subverted. There is hope for us yet – and perhaps a new day is dawning – with or without the west.

I would dearly like you – and as many people as you can share this with – to watch this, a little less than 1 hour, video of the suffering of the children of Donbass. It is the only version of this documentary I have so far found that carries good quality English on-screen sub-titles. If you are not moved by what you will see here, then you obviously have no heart. And it is not the superficial emotional response which I am looking for but the deep, internal recognition of the truth behind the images and the wealth of hope and courage still seen as endemic in the faces and voices of these people, and the gratitude they express to those who are helping them through their still, in parts, dire situation.

This is a Ruptly production which I cannot and probably would not wish to separate from the News-Front article in which it is embedded. It is good quality filming with clear dialog and subtitling, and was made I believe in September 2022. It will lose little in quality if expanded to full-screen on a large viewer.

I would dearly like everyone to see it – if only to counteract the mostly false productions of western propaganda – but I can only share it to my readership. It is then up to you as to how widely it spreads from there.

It feels like quite a serendipitous coincidence that this video, showing many scenes and people from a ruined Mariupol, should cross my path only a few days after the visit there by President Putin in slightly more pleasant and hopeful times. I assure you it is entirely so.

Find the video here…

“Donbass. Children” – a documentary about hundreds of crippled fates of Donbass children – News-Front – 27.03.2023

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