The US Must Be Defeated For The World To Be Free

It could be argued that the freedom of the world came to an end in 1945 with the defeat of the Germany/Japan axis forces, ironically in a war which was billed as fighting to end tyranny. A war which was in fact the beginning of tyranny on a global scale, led by the US axis of evil. That was also, coincidentally, the year I was born. So I have witnessed the growth of that tyrannical loss of freedom – still ongoing today – throughout my life. It was not seen as such of course in the early years, masked as it was by the labelling of other experimental forms of social and cultural endeavours as the new battle against tyranny. From the mid-twentieth century to today, that masking has gone on undeterred until the other all too acquiescent western nations have been almost completely subverted by its lies, and the world almost completely subjected to its hegemonic rule.

The global struggle for freedom which began around the day I was born, I want to see completed before I leave this world. The only way that will happen is for the US to be brought to its knees and never again allowed to raise its head to trouble humanity. That means the complete destruction of the foundations on which that country is built. And while I have no animosity toward the people of that Country (notice I refrain from calling them ‘Americans’ – a name they have falsely purloined) – if they choose to hold on to that which has been built around them, even to the point of their own destruction, then so be it. America will not be destroyed. America is too big to be destroyed, being that great continental landmass which stretches from Arctic to Antarctic waters and encompasses many nations and peoples. It is the halls and temples of the great lies of manifest destiny and cultural exceptionalism, self-applied to and by a minority murderous invasive force which must be laid low, so that we can converse with their remnant on a field of equality and cultural sovereignty of all peoples under a moral and legal code which is not the brain-child of any minority sector, formulated to set themselves above others.

Having bared my soul in those lines, I will allow the story to be continued by Eric Zuesse on the Oriental Review…

‘Why The Government That Most Needs To Be Defeated Is America’s’ – Eric Zuesse – Oriental Review

One final word… Notice also that I made no mention of NATO. No need for that. NATO is nothing without the US – and, even with the US, is nothing for the world to be concerned about. Not today, or in the future. What is spoken of here, is simply a tidying up and a clearing away of unwanted trash, littering the world and hindering progress.

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