On The Eve of His Visit to Moscow, President Xi Sets The Scene For Russians (and the World)

This is a translation to english of the article by President Xi, setting the scene and background for his talks with President Putin in Moscow over 20-22 March, 2023. This is a much anticipated meeting of minds and I also think it of great importance for our whole world that as many people know what this is about and the eventual results. The fate of all of us rests with these men and their unquestionable ability to influence world events over what on the surface appears to be a time fraught with much danger.

The translation is that provided automatically by my Yandex browser from what I think is the original publication by Rossiyskaya Gazeta. I hope to bring to readers attention the reported contents of yet unwritten news from that important visit in a similar way. I know it is an expression I have used before, but these are exciting times we live in. Not normal times by any means, but we are witnessing a great change in world order. With these men leading the challenge, the results will, without doubt, be the very best we can hope for. It is to be hoped that a great many other good men, from all continents, will join them.

Of course, nothing worthwhile comes easily. Especially when there are evil forces from other quarters working to our harm and destruction for their own tyrannical ends, This is a struggle to the death for humanity. Humanity must win.

Work hard to move forward to new prospects for friendship, cooperation and joint development of China and Russia

Chinese President Xi Jinping (author’s article for Russian media)

At the invitation of President Vladimir Putin, I will pay a state visit to the Russian Federation. 10 years ago, my first foreign visit after being elected President of the People’s Republic of China was to Russia. Within 10 years, I have already visited Russia 8 times. Thanks to these trips, which always bring great pleasure and results, President Vladimir Putin and I have opened a new chapter in the annals of Sino-Russian relations.


China and Russia are major neighbors, strategic partners of comprehensive cooperation, leading world powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council. Both countries pursue an independent and independent foreign policy, and consider relations between China and Russia as one of the top priorities in diplomacy.

Sino-Russian relations are developing according to a clear historical logic and a strong internal driver. Over the past 10 years, bilateral cooperation has been developing dynamically in all azimuths and is entering a new era with confident steps.

High-level and high-level contacts play an important role and are of lasting strategic importance.

Perfect mechanisms of high-and high-level exchanges and contacts, an extensive structure of multi-faceted cooperation serve as an important systematic and institutional support for the development of bilateral relations. Over the years, President Vladimir Putin and I have maintained close working ties. During more than 40 meetings on bilateral and international platforms, we set priorities for practical cooperation in all areas, timely compare notes on topical international and regional issues of mutual interest, and set the tone for the sustainable development of bilateral relations.

The two sides are continuously strengthening political mutual trust, creating a new paradigm of relations between major Powers.

China and Russia adhere to the concept of eternal friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. Bilateral relations are based on the principles of non-alignment, non-confrontation and non-targeting of third parties. The two countries firmly support each other in following the path of development in accordance with national realities, in implementing development and revival. Mature and stable bilateral relations are constantly gaining new strength and serve as a benchmark for a new type of interstate relations characterized by mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation.

My upcoming visit to Russia is aimed at strengthening friendship, cooperation and peace. I am ready to work with President Vladimir Putin to outline new plans and measures to open up new prospects for China-Russia comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation

The parties form an architecture of comprehensive and multi-vector interaction.

Thanks to joint efforts, the trade turnover in 2022 amounted to a record 190 billion US dollars and increased by 116 percent compared to 10 years ago.

For 13 consecutive years, China has positioned itself as Russia’s largest trading partner. The volume of mutual investments between the two countries continues to grow. A number of strategically important cooperation projects in the fields of energy, space, aviation and transport connectivity are being successfully implemented.

Interaction in such new industries as scientific and technological innovation and cross-border e-commerce remains highly dynamic. Interregional cooperation is rapidly gaining momentum. All this not only brings real benefits to ordinary people, but also gives an inexhaustible impetus to the development of both countries.

The parties are implementing the concept of friendship passed down from generation to generation, and traditional friendship is growing stronger from day to day.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Treaty on Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation between China and Russia, President Vladimir Putin and I decided to extend and fill the treaty with new content, taking into account the new realities of the time. The successful implementation of 8 thematic cross-years takes friendship and cooperation to new heights. The peoples of our countries provided each other with material and moral support in the fight against coronavirus, which was another evidence of how “friends get to know each other in trouble”.

The parties cooperate closely in the international arena and bear great responsibility as great Powers.

China and Russia firmly uphold the UN-centered international system and world order based on international law, as well as the fundamental norms and principles of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, closely coordinate and cooperate within the framework of the UN, SCO, BRICS, G20 and other international platforms, and make joint efforts to promote multipolarity and international cooperation. democratization of international relations.

The parties are taking effective steps to implement true multipolarity, develop universal values and advocate the formation of a new type of international relations and a community of common destiny for humanity.

For more than 70 years, Sino-Russian relations have gone through a very difficult path. Looking back, we are deeply aware that the current level of Sino-Russian relations has not been easy, and the enduring friendship between China and Russia should be carefully preserved.

History and practice show that in the face of global turbulence, Sino-Russian relations have stood the test of strength due to the fact that we have embarked on the right path of establishing interstate ties.

My upcoming visit to Russia is aimed at strengthening friendship, cooperation and peace. Together with President Vladimir Putin, I am ready to outline new plans and measures to open up new prospects for China-Russia comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation.

The parties should focus on integrated planning with a focus on national development objectives, open up new opportunities and cultivate new drivers in an innovative way. It is important to strengthen mutual trust and develop potential in order to maintain the stable dynamics of Sino-Russian relations at a high level.

The international community is clearly aware that no country in the world is superior to all others. There is no universal model of public administration, and there is no world order in which a single country has the final say

It is necessary to promote parallel expansion of the volume and quality of investment and trade and economic cooperation, strengthen political coordination, create more favorable conditions for high-quality development of investment cooperation, increase the scale of bilateral trade, expand common interests and find new growth points, form a development structure that is characterized by complementarity and compatibility of traditional trade and new forms of cooperation, Continue working together to link the Belt and Road Initiative and the EAEU to provide institutional support for bilateral cooperation and regional integration.

It is necessary to deepen cultural and humanitarian ties, organize years of cooperation in the field of physical culture and sports at a high level, reveal the potential of the mechanism of interregional cooperation, activate contacts between the twin provinces, regions and cities, encourage human exchanges, restore tourism cooperation between the two countries, hold events such as a summer camp, a joint educational institution for continuous education. strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between peoples, especially among young people.

Profound changes are taking place in the modern world. Peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit are an unstoppable historical trend. Multipolarity, economic globalization, and the democratization of international relations are irreversible trends.

At the same time, both traditional and non-traditional security challenges are rapidly increasing. The actions of hegemony, despotism and bullying cause serious harm to the world. There is a very long road ahead for the global economy to recover. The international community is sounding a great alarm and needs ways out of the crisis more than ever.

In March 2013, I spoke at MGIMO and mentioned that ” the interconnectedness and interdependence of all countries has reached an unprecedented high level. Humanity lives in one global village, becoming a close community of a single destiny.”

The Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, and the Global Civilizations Initiative, which I later put forward, became a useful filling in the essence of the concept of a community with a common destiny for humanity and the means to implement it, which served as the Chinese version of an adequate response to changes in the world, era, and history.

China and Russia are major neighbors, strategic partners of comprehensive cooperation, leading world powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council. Both countries pursue an independent and independent foreign policy, and consider relations between China and Russia as one of the top priorities in diplomacy.

Over the past 10 years, universal values such as peace, development, equality, justice, democracy and freedom have been deeply rooted in the hearts of people. More and more countries are united by a common desire to build a clean and beautiful world, where lasting peace, universal security, shared prosperity, openness and tolerance will prevail. The international community is clearly aware that no country in the world is superior to all others. There is no universal model of public administration and there is no world order where the final word belongs to a single country. Solidarity and peace in the world without division and upheaval are in the common interests of all mankind.

Since the beginning of last year, there has been a total aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis. Based on the very essence of what is happening, China has always taken an objective and impartial position, and has made active efforts to promote reconciliation and peace negotiations.

The set of visions I have voiced serves as a fundamental principle of China in the Ukrainian settlement. In particular, we are talking about the need to respect the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, respect the legitimate security concerns of all States, support all efforts aimed at a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, and ensure the stability of global production and supply chains.

The recently published “China’s Position on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis”, taking into account the rational concerns of all parties, reflects as much as possible the unity of views of the world community on overcoming the Ukrainian crisis.

The document serves as a constructive factor in neutralizing the consequences of the crisis and promoting a political settlement. Complex problems don’t have simple solutions.

We are convinced that a rational way out of the Ukrainian crisis and a path to lasting peace and universal security in the world will be found if everyone is guided by the concept of common, integrated, joint and sustainable security, and continues dialogue and consultations in an equal, prudent and pragmatic manner.

Before solving global problems, you need to settle your own affairs. The Chinese Communist Party, by rallying and leading the Chinese people, is fully committed to the great revival of the Chinese nation through Chinese modernization, which is characterized by embracing a huge population, achieving universal prosperity, coordinated development of material and spiritual culture, harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and following the path of peaceful development.

These distinctive features of China are formed on the basis of many years of practice and a deep generalization of international experience. We will resolutely promote the cause of Chinese modernization, make efforts to realize high-quality development, and steadily expand external openness. I am convinced that this will provide new opportunities for all countries of the world, including Russia.

The year begins with spring, and success begins with business. There is every reason to believe that China and Russia, as fellow travelers in development and revival, will make a greater contribution to the progress of human civilization.

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