Your Fate, The Fate of Your Country, The Fate of Humanity, Is Being Decided Right Now!!

I have not felt like writing for a while. Not that there is nothing to write about. In fact there are so many important things going on just now, that it is hard to know exactly what to talk about. Some things have an air of inevitability about them. It is not worth discussing them because everyone who has an interest in life and living should already have acquainted themselves with those inevitabilities and settled a position with regard to them. Other things are at least partly hidden from general view, but again there is a level of personal responsibility around being aware of surrounding circumstances. Those who are simply willing to flow along with the crowd-mind of public opinion must accept the attendant risks of doing so and of falling into the traps which are laid for the unwary – of which there are many more today than used to be the case, due to the complex nature of how life has evolved in a so-called civilised society. That ‘level of personal responsibility’ is not covered by the fostered ‘un-awareness’ contributed by taking note of those information sources specifically set up to obscure the reality of a situation – such as regular news channels, sponsored opinion lines, or the censored content of social networks.

And then there are a few things which are, and I borrow this word from below, ‘transformative’ in nature. One such thing, which is of particular importance to every man, woman or child (and no other valid categories), living now, is that all of our futures are being shaped at this present moment on the battlefields of what used to be Ukraine and behind closed doors in the capitals of many non-western nations (particularly Moscow, as I write). Read and mark what is being said about that in this fine piece of erudite writing below. There is, I think, nothing more important just now.

‘The Transformative Present Moment In History’ – Eric Zuesse on Oriental Review


(US President) Truman started the present era by deciding, on 25 July 1945, to go for — and to establish entities and policies to attain — U.S. control over the entire planet. This explains the 45 U.S. coups, and 130+ U.S. invasions, since 1945, and the currently 900 foreign U.S. military bases around the world (in addition to the 749 that are within the U.S. and that can be examined here), and the expenditure by the U.S. of around 50% of the entire planet’s military costs. It’s heading now for ultimate show-downs against both Russia and China; and this brings us now to the transformative, the decisive, present moment in world history.

Eric Zuesse – ‘The Transformative Present Moment In History’

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