…and Now For Something Completely Different

Serendipity is a marvelous thing. You might even say that it is the action of a conscious universe somehow sending something quite unexpected, perhaps even quite undeserved, to you personally, for some undisclosed but beneficial reason or purpose and without expectation of thankfulness or even acknowledgement.

Getting on in years now, I sometimes need an afternoon nap since I, without much precise daily routine, keep quite irregular hours and possess no natural awareness or drive that I should – for my general health – go to bed for sleep and recuperation. I often fall asleep in my computer chair. But today, after a nap accompanied by some restful ‘sleep music’, and no pressing need to do anything else, browsed further in YouTube’s right margin suggestions for further viewing, when a very interesting subject came up. I watched the whole of the 1 hour 23 minute talk below by Dr Rupert Sheldrake of The Weekend University, finding the content extremely interesting and attention retaining, including his handling of a short question time at the end.

Now, I know that academia currently has a bad rap for being centres of generation of closed minds and useful and not very employable (except in a narrow range of fields where standardised thought is essential) idiots, but the good Doctor several times during the talk mentions that he would not be allowed to say the things he is saying here at a normal university but that the Weekend University provides a freer environment for higher level thought.

I have to say I personally found this to be most beneficial in helping to clear some of my own laid down positions on the matters under discussion. The language is ‘inclusive’ in that it does not sideline or dismiss any known pattern of thought or belief – except the dumbed down products of modern western education.

Having been so blessed by a ‘conscious universe’ to hear what he says today (the video is 2 years old so you may have already seen it), I thought I would pay this forward so that you may have the opportunity to hear these words too.

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