Following a ‘Long Walking Meditation’ Through Moscow, Pepe Escobar Elucidates on the ‘Mandate of Heaven’.

I have not written here for a week now. There is a reason for that hiatus, and it revolves around a number of concurrently unfolding things, chiefly that there are a cacophony of raucous voices all trying to fill the – not in any way empty but – unexpected void of nothing happening during the week – that was anticipated to occur. And my not wanting to speculatively add to that din.

This is all a failure to see what was actually happening – or a misinterpretation of what those things actually meant. I don’t have time to elaborate on that just now (it’s past my bedtime), but a great deal has been going on. Important things. Important moves. Important statements on important changes in focus.

Pepe Escobar, in Moscow (temporarily, or longer, I know not), has saved me a lot of time and effort in trying to stitch together some sort of coherent product to explain all that. He doesn’t mention the peripheral things – of which there are many – but what he says in the latest article as at publication date is a treasure house of fecundally interlinked threads of multi-polarising lines of thought being woven into what is essentially a coming realisation of the ‘Mandate of Heaven’. Read it to understand. All of which should be to everyone’s benefit and serve to make God (the essential trinity of Beauty-Goodness-Truth) a happier ‘essence’ than it has been for many a year.

‘The Stage Is Set for Hybrid World War III’ – Pepe Escobar, published on Strategic Culture Foundation, February 28, 2023 [Is this, I wonder, where he will more regularly appear – now the Saker blog is defunct?].

I thank Pepe for providing this alternative definition of what is commonly referred to as ‘God’. It seems to me that would be a perfectly workable concept which anyone with a preconception of what ‘that’ is, for themselves, could live with. And for those with no prior or pressing conception for the term, it seems to be a pretty desirable aspect of whatever the powers that really control the universe are, and are self-tasked or just innately concerned with the abstruse ‘doings’ of humanity, along with everything else which occupies physical existence (remembering that we are only a very minor, even an insignificant, part of that).

As unfinished as this discussion may be, I must leave it there.

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