US Political Apoplexy

I could equally and just as effectively have titled this piece as…

US Military Ignores Presidential Order

I didn’t, because I am very pleased to see that at least some in the US military command structure still retain level headedness and at least some common sense.

‘STURM UND DRANG AND CHINESE BALLOONS’ – Larry C Johnson blog – 2 February 2023

Thanks to Larry Johnson for the story and to Andrei Martyanov for making it available to a wider audience.

It kind of made my day. Still chuckling. How clever are those Chinese.

Postscript: Ha-Ha! Can hardly contain my mirth. So, this appears now to have been an escaped Chinese weather balloon (and may not be the only one). Making of a comedy situation something akin to a farce. Blood-vessel busting rage among US politicians and equivalent of a mutiny among the military! All over a weather balloon! I repeat – ‘How clever are those Chinese’.

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