It’s Going to be a Busy Year – One Way or Another

Another exciting geo-everything analysis from the irrepressible Pepe Escobar, this time on The Cradle website.

But first a word about The Cradle website itself. The name is a reaffirmation, if one were required, of the fact that its one and only region of concern – that being what was earlier referred to as the Middle East or Asia Minor but now, more correctly, as West Asia – was where human civilisation originated. That is generally accepted, though much of the stories and legends of those ancient times are not yet widely known or understood, so I will leave further talk on that for another time. If it is the modern stories of this region, truthfully told, that you are interested in then this only recently introduced site (2021) is perhaps the best source of information to be currently found.

And now on to what Pepe has to say this time. I assure you it is worth getting to grips with. In this, what is set to be the ultra-busy year of 2023, some background knowledge as to what all the meaningful activity is about – before it actually happens – is worth knowing, n’est-ce pas?

‘Why BRI is back with a bang in 2023’ – Pepe Escobar on The Cradle – January 6, 2023

Get with the plan, folks!

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