“Debt Trap” is a Western Phrase

What are “Western Interests”? ‘Western interests’ are entities or individuals whose sole aim and desire is to proclaim and uphold the exceptionalism and uniqueness of the original so-called ‘white’ nations, cultures and populations to be superior to, or more desirable than, and to have dominion over, all others.

They used to do this on the basis of values and ethics, strength and achievement. All self-assessed of course and not in any way comparable to anything that could be offered in their stead. There was no sense of ‘join us, and you can be like us’. It was all ‘look at us, admire us, fear us and submit to us’. The alternative didn’t really need to be stated. Oh, there were sometimes gifts of baubles, beads and worthless trinkets – or their equivalent. But any sign of resistance, or even if there were no resistance, resulted in a beating to submission. The trinkets developed over time into loans or other assistance that needed to be paid for. With what? Anticipated wealth generation, of sorts, and a feeling of being cared for – as long as the one-sided relationship continued and the rules were followed. There was always need for further funds, more loans, and never an escape clause or an end-point to be reached. And so ‘The Debt Trap’ was inaugurated.

It’s a western thing.

But time moves on. Progress is made. New things grow old. Values, which diminished in one place re-emerge, or come to prominence through struggle, in others. Gaps close and are overtaken.

And now, the overbearing ‘benefactors’, realising they no longer are a pillar of moral virtue, with even a single laudable ‘value’ or ‘ethic’ to their name, or a cultural enterprise that can even boast an unshakable financial foundation and, horror of horrors, are not even the strongest or most powerful cultural entity in the overall picture now, must change their game. None of those requisites for the maintaining of respect by others, being ever again within their grasp, they have needed to alter their plans in a mad scramble to retain any sort of position on the ladder of human status. There are physical impediments and restraints that will ensure that whatever the western waning powers may now do, they can never regain a leading place in world affairs and will be lucky to maintain any kind of national or cultural cohesion among themselves as the slide continues. Though they may try ever more desperately to do so, it will be in vain.

One of the main arguments western interests are now reduced to using is that those who are in the process of gaining the once elevated position of the west are doing so by ‘buying’ their way to a leading place through the imposition of the same ‘debt trap’ methods the west has for so long now used. It is a simple ploy of accusing so-called ‘opponents’ (who are in fact simply exercising their right to progress through honest, non-aggressive achievement) of doing exactly what the west has done in the past, and in fact continues to do while they can. It is a false accusation as the article below attests, but can be effective (at least among still subjected) if not properly countered.

‘China welcomes Sri Lankan FM’s rebuttal of so-called “Chinese debt trap”: spokesperson’ – People’s Daily Online – Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Perhaps the best way to counter such a move is to expose it. Which that article does. And also to not sink to the depraved methods as the west has chosen for themselves – seeing, by the example unfolding, where such effort leads.

Let the west wallow in its woes, as the world moves on.

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