‘Fully Prepared For Any Eventuality’

China, having given warnings to the US over recent weeks on the (said to be) planned visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, is now in a state of ‘yanzhen yidai’ – ‘fully prepared for any eventuality’ – the latest warning now being…

Action is the most powerful language

Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Defense Ministry – per Global Times

That sounds pretty resolute to me, and when followed up with…

…if the US does not pull back but keeps challenging the guardrail, the price will be beyond US capabilities to pay

Global Times
Wu Qian.  Photo: CFP

So, we have a new touchstone for China-US conflict brewing in the Pacific. I would say it is not the only such reference point (the US is very creative in regard to such) but it is the most significant to date. And I have my doubts the US will actually be up for this eventuality. They are very profuse in the use of words and provocations but when it comes to facing a real opponent – even if their assessment of Chinese military capabilities is more than a little warped – they are less inclined these days to man up to the task and the talk. And unless you count the military of Taiwan as a proxy force – which would be an extremely silly thing to do – there is no-one else to put on the firing line. Except perhaps the foolish and overly bombastic Australians or Canadians – who badly need to be given a lesson of their own in recognising their proper place in global affairs.

This is all such a laughable situation which, if crazily embarked upon would, together with the European conflict now also broadening, bring an end to US and western militarian brinkmanship and gall (realistic action even now being out of the question with any percentage for success for the west), perhaps for ever.

I could elaborate on this, but would I be able to state the situation any more clearly? I doubt it. But you could try reading the Global Times report linked above.

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