The “Grain Deal”: Russia Is No Dupe

A major focus of the west at the moment and therefore (through its control of world press) propagandised to be a major focus of the wider world, is the so-called ‘food crisis’, again supposedly put down to the conflict in Ukraine and blamed on Russia as being culpable for the fate of a starving world.

What absolute rot! Unbelievable!

Let’s put this in perspective. The wheat produced and exported by Ukraine is less than 1% of the global annual grain output. And this is the narrow margin between a well fed and a starving world? How ridiculous! And that is all I need to say, without raising questions as to whose fault it is that grain is not able to be exported from Black Sea ports as usual this year. All of those additional issues are raised and covered in this VZGLYAD article.

‘What benefits will the grain deal in Istanbul bring to Russia?’ – VZGLYAD

That Russia, in the middle of an existential battle for its national sovereignty, is even willing to discuss such trivial matters is remarkable in itself. But it is not Russia that is holding up Ukrainian grain exports. And the west is in no position to force the issue. It all depends on the good will of the Russian people and authorities – nothing else – and Russia has good will in bucket loads. Russia has for years been the very epicentre of good will. And that I feel is part of the problem. The west has long thought it can take advantage of Russian good will, and has in fact largely done that. It is something the west needs to accept and note well that such times are over. And while the good will persists, the taking advantage phase, operated with impunity by western interests will no longer be tolerated. And that is basically why we have the current Ukraine situation.

Russia has never been duped by the west, at least not since President Putin’s time, always knowing the games western nations play. Indicating they are aware of those things and using correct and rightful diplomacy to counter it as a means of persuasion. But, sadly, you can’t persuade or guide or warn or threaten, idiots. Especially exceptionalist minded idiots. They have to be demonstrably shown the error of their ways. Ergo, the deconstruction of Ukraine – as a first step in the process of showing. But not necessarily the last, if that does not produce the required acceptance and noting. And Russia is well-placed – and the west ill-placed – to achieve all desired results in this process of becoming understood and valued and having all its demands met – while always operating in a spirit of good will to all people.

It is quite a remarkable thing that Russia is doing. But I guess they cannot operate contrary to their nature.

It is quite an uncouth, low-down, destructive and depraved thing the west is doing. But again I guess the same principle of ones ‘nature’ applies.

This post has taken a different track to that which I proposed to follow when I started – as many of my posts tend to do. I wanted to present arguments and quotes to illuminate the ‘grain deal’ situation. I can’t do that now. It would take something away from what I have said – which I consider to be more important than such arguments.

But you can read as well as I, and it is all well laid out in the VZGLYAD article I shared above. Just make sure you read it carefully. That’s important too.

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