The Green Energy Hoax

It’s Not Working,” says Jim. “It Was Never Going To Work,” Says I.

The Green Energy hoax that it took the world several decades to get around to believing – and eventually acting on – raising fortunes for the green energy entrepreneurs and pushers – raising hopes that the world might be able to carry on just like it had, with increasing obstinacy (but nagging doubt) for the last 50 years, while dragging that world to the edge of the precipice on which we now stand, was always going to end in disaster. And that is now becoming obvious – or maybe still not so obvious to many, although pretty much everybody pays obeisance to the Green Energy god.

Of course, both I and I’m pretty sure Jim (Kunstler) also, were always aware that so-called ‘green energy’ was never really green (labels mean little in the real world), was never going to be more than a very temporary stop-gap, and never saved the world a single tonne of carbon emissions due to the normal false accounting used to fabricate every false measure of modern living – but has in fact added to the global emissions output by the processes inherent in its production – making matters worse, not better.

And yet we both, along with a great many others, recognised the critical need for some temporary power source due to the increasing fragility of national grids supplying mains power (we couldn’t be communicating like this if we didn’t have a backup plan – we thought). And while it may not have impacted us the way it could have, so far, but back where I used to live in rural Australia, power supply was not as stable as it might have been. I even needed a generator at one stage for several months.

Jim outlaid a small fortune to ensure his home was covered for a while and myself spending some A$4-5,000 on a self-built nominally portable (if 70-80 Kgs can be considered portable – in a vehicle it was, sort of) system that wouldn’t even power a mains electric kettle, but kept my home computer going for a while (back then – it wouldn’t now). I gave mine to a farmhand when I left the rural scene some 3 years ago, knowing that the storage batteries (7 years life cycle) would by now be dead and the PV panels, over 50% life-cycle used by now. It’s a mugs game, as I think many people are beginning to realise. And a very expensive one.

The worst of it has not come to be just yet, but with all western developed economies now on skid row, no-one will be able to afford to replace their aging PV gear as it dies. Which even the most recently installed, majority purely grid-tied ones are set to do within the next 10-20 years. And by then it is unlikely that such technology will even still be manufactured.

The same goes for all other green energy sources. If it is manufactured, the manufacturing processes are not going to outlast the current life-cycle of the technology. But deep down, and even if we thought about it for a while, and some of us did, and have been continually warning about such things for the last decade or so (myself included), we always knew that would happen. And one day, we knew that we would be back where we started. Only this time there would not be enough candle wax or trees to support us all with light and heat.

The whole green thing is a hoax. It’s a hoax. A con. A colossal lie, raised in response to a legitimate call for an answer to a perceived civilisation ending need. And who gave the response? Not governments. They had to be dragged kicking and screaming to get on board because it didn’t fit their short term thinking – until they were made aware of the fortunes to be made and bribes to be received. Not the global authorities. They made weak calls, eventually, but were powerless to intervene. It was the energy businesses mainly who saw into the future and realised a wall was looming some way ahead which would derail their current business plans. And the fact that they already knew how to make money and were able to raise money for investment. Future profits didn’t matter. There was no future to plan for and they were used to working with debt.

And who made the first call that there was a problem? Not governments – they still haven’t really joined the party. At best they only speak the speak, without actually doing anything. Even business is now seeing the end of their current business model and are making changes. But the changes they are making are not going to solve anything. They may generate huge profits for a while, but in the end everything will stop. And all the people will stand around repeating what Jim just said – “It’s Not Working”.

The scientists first gave the call, back in the ’70s, when the world was just getting used to living with nuclear terror and the US was getting itself kicked out of yet another country it had no business being in.

The greenies took up the call but they never really understood what it all meant. It just sounded like something good they could make their own. But they, in turn, got themselves sidetracked into looking for solutions. And that was the end of them.

And then for decades there was the intense battle, for want of a better word, between the ‘climate believers’ and the ‘climate skeptics’ – which nobody ever won.

And in that time, from the ’70s to the ’20s, a period of almost 50 years, a time when something meaningful might have been done to (potentially, maybe) assuage the onward march of climate change, the entire world (though most folk were never asked for their opinion) passed by the only one chance we had to perhaps do the right thing – and by that, saving ourselves from the horrors that shall surely come to effect the lives of all of us in the years and decades to come.

And still nobody has come up with the sort of plan that may have prevented that suffering.

Well, actually, that is not true. Back in 2018, when she was just a slip of a girl, a schoolgirl of 15-16 years of age, a girl that ZeroHedge (the bastards) today referred to as “a petulant Scandianvian (sic) teenager“, stood up in front of the whole world and announced that plan. She was mocked and ridiculed by most, and I don’t think there was any single person who understood what she was saying. I was going to say ‘except me’, but that sounds a bit pretentious right now and rather conceited. It is partially true though, but I’m sure I was not the only one.

I have always agreed with everything Greta Thunberg has said (well, all the things I have heard and read).

Let me explain why she is right.

Greta has only ever, to my knowledge, stated that all we need to do is stop everything we are and have been doing. And that is the only message of action we needed to take. All else is part of the green energy hoax. We should not even have equated a climate response on the basis of energy at all. Energy is not part of the picture. It only becomes part of the picture in the minds of 20th and now 21st century humans. We should have heeded Greta and banned all forms of energy that are not produced naturally – like horses pulling carts. But that of course was quite a lot of bridges too far for modern humanity.

Greta has never outlined any solution to the problem involving energy. But all the world think of in terms of solutions – or hoaxes, the words are interchangeable – are based on energy. We are fools. And most of us will soon be dead fools.

Greta’s only solution – watch the video below – the only thing she has said we need to do, is to plant trees. I think she knows, as I know, that will not achieve results in time now to prevent much suffering and distress. It will help, not enough in early days, but if we attack the plan with enough gusto, it might reduce some of the worst effects or shorten the duration of unliveable climate across much of the world (especially to be worst felt in lands where most westerners now live). We cannot blame Greta. She had the right plan. Blame ourselves. We are the ones who wanted so dearly – and ultimately so costly – to keep doing what we have always (well, for the last 60-70 years or so) done, without the annoyance of interruptions from a pesky climate.

Greta Thunberg Outlines ‘Natural Climate Solutions’ That Could Save The World

So, where does that leave us? Those with or without solar panels or other forms of ‘green’ energy – which will soon be all of us?

Nowhere, man.

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