Isn’t It Enough Simply To Be Correct?

Andrei Martyanov is a lout. And his loutishness is becoming more odourously vociferous as time goes by.

Take this, his latest blog post, as an example – if you can bear to read it…

RT Produced Yet Another MGIMO Graduate Attempting “Analysis”.‘ – Martyanov blog

The problem is, that he is mostly correct in his basic points, which form something of an undercurrent to his blaring diatribe. And he could have said what he needed to say, calmly, quietly and respectfully, in less than one tenth of the actual words he used. But then, verbosity is something we can all recognise as pertaining to academics – military or otherwise. A raised voice indicates some form of weakness – as I know, from my own efforts.

The subject of his latest blog post is basically the relationships between Russia and China against a background of a necessity to deal with insufferable western behaviour patterns.

It is perfectly obvious to impartial observers that this is a partnership of equals, overall, with specific strengths being brought to the fore, as required, by each partner in certain areas and acting in mutually supportive unison in others. So far as can now be established, there is no competitive element in the relationship other than in general trade (and perhaps sport).

And that is a refreshing change to the ongoing turmoil of most other global activity.

I won’t stop reading Andrei’s blog, by the way. He is often privy to some useful information. And it is not my intention in writing this post to change the man in any way. When a person has reached his or my age, they are what they are, as a result of life experiences and personal reaction to them. We accept that, or not, according to our own personal dictates.

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