Changing Pacific Tides

Big things are underway in the Pacific, especially now among the Pacific Islands in the south. This week marks the latest event of the Pacific Island Forum, and much is at stake.

I don’t need to outline the geopolitical currents flowing in and around this region, surely. Those things are widely known already. But it is often the case that small things, slight movements in the ether, can signify big changes in the flow. The growth in influence of China among the island states is being met and attempts to stifle that growth are being made by western nations keen to hang on to their own perceived ‘rights’ of ‘colonial’ control in this emerging field.

Australia, urged on by Big Brother, the US, is expecting the assistance or cooperation of cousin New Zealand at the forum to draw away the advances of China from islander minds. But that help may not be forthcoming, as this Global Times article explains…

“New Zealand PM softens her stance on China during visit to Australia; Canberra’s plan to rally Wellington against Beijing at the Pacific Islands Forum ‘may be blown'” – Global Times

New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern – perhaps the most misspelled name in modern politics – a child of the WEF ‘bright kids of the future’ program, who along with others of that ilk (e.g. Macron and Trudeau) having publicly disgraced themselves with toxic behaviour in recent times – consequently losing public favour – is maybe redeeming something of her prior public aplomb by stymying or potentially hosing down the Aussie expectations of success at the forum.

Can leopards change their spots? Or is she perhaps playing some other game? Seeing the inevitability of Chinese ascension in the Pacific and around the world? I don’t know, for sure. But it is interesting to watch these small alterations to see if they amount to something of a larger nature. Or have I missed the point entirely?

No matter. Things will emerge however they are meant to emerge. But it is interesting to watch the changes as they occur. And the Global Times article does discuss some of the wider ranging issues around these events with its usual detachment and wisdom. A worthwhile voice from which to inform oneself.

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