Gonzalo Is Right!

This is going to hopefully be a short post, because I should really be asleep.

Gonzalo Lira, the brave reporter (I wouldn’t call him a journalist although to be honest I don’t know what his personal circumstances are) who lives for the time being in Kharkov (yes, that Kharkov, in the middle of an artillery conflict ongoing in Ukraine), is for me becoming someone whose integrity I feel I can trust. I had my doubts when first I saw his work in Ukraine, mainly because of his flamboyance (which I generally take as reflecting the degree of shallowness of a person’s character) but, following his disappearance for a while (he was reported murdered by some sources), in which he was detained by the Ukraine secret police, my trust level on him has grown considerably – mostly because he says the sort of things I wish I was able to say, but am happy to be able to share his words in video. As far as I am aware he does not use written media communication.

Anyway, before i get too carried away with this spiel, let me say that I shared a video by Gonzalo a few days ago and today (from the Saker – who should really be eating humble pie for his previous support of Scott Ritter [now in disrepute as a turncoat]) two new videos by Gonzalo lira have been shared. I simply offer the Saker blog link for your interest. This is good, honest, reporting. Even moving at times. Please view.

‘Gonzalo Lira: There Is No “Open Corridor” Through West and Central Ukraine (UPDATE with new video!)’ – The Saker blog

I consider myself (realistically rather than narcistically, I hope) to generally be a good judge of character, and it often takes me a while to warm to a person. I never rated Ritter very highly while others used his writings as a valid source on Ukraine and, as I said, it did take me a while to come to an acceptance of Lira also. I take no credit or joy now, just a thankful acceptance that my internal antenna – in spite of perhaps some personal bias against US citizens generally (and not without cause) – has again not failed to give me proper guidance.

I wish all readers the same level of personal guidance. We only have to listen – even through the noise of our own personal biases – and learn to exercise trust in our own instinct.

I wasn’t going to do this, but hey, I have nowhere to be tomorrow (today) so I can rise later, without guilt. Here are the YouTube links directly from Gonzalo Lira’s channel – in case you have any difficulty viewing on the Saker blog.

2022.05.19 There Is No “Open Corridor” Through West and Central Ukraine – Gonzalo Lira

2022.05.20 I No Longer Trust Scott Ritter – Gonzalo Lira

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