Have We Forgotten the Importance of Oil & Gas to Modern Society?

“They really don’t know that there is an entire industry – oil and gas chemistry. They really don’t know that for half a century now, humanity has been making almost everything from hydrocarbons that is not stone, iron, wood, or quartz glass.”

Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich – journalist, columnist for the newspaper VZGLYAD

So, Europe thinks it can still operate as a modern society without Russia’s oil and gas imports, and eventually without such resources from anywhere. Well, it is time to raise again something I haven’t seen mentioned much over the past decade at least, the importance of oil and gas to modern society. And these are thoughts in fact, which may have never been considered by the current generation of ‘intelligent thinkers’, and perhaps also by the ‘reality optional’ fools who direct the future of Europeans (and not just those particular fools exclusively of course).

I must admit my surprise at finding such an article where I did this morning. But it is there – and it needs to be understood.

Oil and Gas are finite resources. Do you remember that old 20th century term of ‘Finite Resources’ – dating back to the 70s or beyond? Has the world forgotten, or simply never understood, that these things, or at least our ability to extract them using less energy than the extracted materials provide, will eventually expire?

I know that such thoughts do not occupy the minds of today’s decision makers, so will we be entirely caught by surprise when it suddenly happens? Or will we have adjusted our societal expectations by then?

The above quote from this article invites us to consider everything around us that is not made of ‘stone, iron, wood, or quartz glass’. These would be, eventually will be, the only materials (the author omits animal or plant products, such as wool, leather, rubber, woven materials) from which we can make ‘stuff’ to build and maintain our lives. Not forgetting ‘food’ [real food, that is] and especially ‘water’ [there is no naturally pure water to be found anywhere in the world now – even, I suggest, in places where modern man has never set foot].

—–0:> Everything else is made from oil and gas chemistry <:0—–

‘Everything around you is made of oil and gas’ – Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich – journalist, columnist for the newspaper VZGLYAD

So, what do I advocate as a solution? I advocate nothing. There is no solution. I’m just pointing out the facts …and waiting for the collapse (which may just begin in Europe or across the Atlantic).

I’m sure the return to the Stone Age is not working to any pre-planned timetable. It will arrive when it arrives …and there may not be sufficient people around to raise an argument about it.

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