The ‘Total War’ Endgame

Occasionally, Andrei Martyanov writes a piece I can share here. Not that all his blog posts aren’t shareable, but many are littered with his personal ramblings and mil-speak. This one I could share a hundred times over.

First I will give some personal rambling of my own. I believe that ‘Total War’ is coming. I see no way out of that now. I believe that the west, led by lunatics in the US and rabid fascists in NATO, has come to the correct conclusion (for them) that they are going to have to fight Russia on the ground. They of course have no hope of winning such a war – even with their numerically superior military forces. The restrained conflict in Ukraine (in which none of the might of the Russian military has been involved – only some massively outnumbered National Guard units, tasked with minimising civilian casualties and infrastructure damage) having adequately demonstrated that position. So, when western armies are faced with a no-holds-barred ‘Total War’ situation and the unthinkable suffering of defeat, what next? There is only one better option than the embarrassment of defeat for the west, and that is global or potential global suicide – nuclear holocaust.

I think we must now prepare for the inevitability of that occurring. I also think that Russian intelligence – and I am not talking of some mystical government agency, but the general concensus of Russian decision makers – has already factored such an outcome into their planning even before committing to their present course of liberation and securitisation of their western borders. And they will already know the general outcome of such an event. They will also know that the best option for some sort of survival of the Eurasian landmass (where most of the world’s peoples live) from such an event that will undoubtedly destroy most life on the North American continent, would be a ‘First Strike’ commitment. With the kind of disgust I currently feel against the foul deeds, unsavoury practices, and sickening self-sanctification of the savage beasts of the west, I heartily give my backing to such a strike by Russia. No matter what the consequences. The world needs a ‘reboot’, a fresh start, and not the kind envisaged in the ‘Great Reset’ by the WEF and the super-rich of the current global miasma. And if the consequences of such a reboot actually mean the end of the human experiment, so be it. We are likely to see exactly the same effect from other, more natural means, in any case – and before too long.

I urge you to read this piece by Martyanov. It is not directly about what I have written above but does, I think, strengthen views of the inevitability of such.

What’s The Deal With Ben Hodges? – Andrei Martyanov blog, April 10, 2022

Such an important piece could have been given a better title, Andrei.

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