A Story of Invasion and Liberation in Southern Donbass Region of DPR …and More

This is the kind of war story I like to hear. Makes it all worthwhile.

The invaders are kicked out, the liberators move in, and life can begin again. After eight long years of living under the genocidal threats of the nazified Kiev government invaders, as soon as the DPR forces took over, the region’s police requested to be able to continue their work and assist to keep law and order. Just as it should be. And the Donetsk government (and the Luhansk government further north) are already getting on with the job of building hospitals, providing emergency food and necessities along with the Russian forces. And the troops of the two newly recognised Donbass republics are receiving a windfall of western weapons and heavy armaments abandoned, rescued or liberated in huge numbers from the fleeing, surrendered or destroyed Ukraine forces.

In the midst of all the sadness at what has been lost, unless the last eight years could be relived over again in an entirely different way, unhindered by western greed, hatred and inbred aggression, this is the best result that could have been hoped for. But, as it is, this whole horror can be laid at the feet of the United States. But such horror will never be allowed to occur again. Russia and China, with other friendly nations on the rise, have brought the brutal west to heel. They will never enjoy the means to trouble the world again. Better there were no world than that.

‘Police officers in liberated Volnovakha side with DPR’ – DAN (Donetsk News Agency)

I will soon restart posting on the broader Ukraine conflict in which the Russian forces now appear to be completing their operations to empty the places Ukraine forces chose to defend. I’m not sure the complete devastation of Ukraine military east of the Dniepr river will ever be fully told but there cannot be many of them left in any cohesive military groupings in that area. Many of those defended points have now been cleared by The Russians along with the capture of large amounts of western supplied weapons. And I doubt there will be many stories, if any, involving the ‘exploits’ of any kind of ‘foreign legion’. Those boys will all be wanting to go home to Mamma now they have seen a taste of what awaits them if they choose to stay.

The stage will soon be set for the completion of Russia’s stated goals, which if you remember (and they have not changed) are a complete demilitarisation and de-nazification of Ukraine. To me that signifies not just Donbass, not eastern Ukraine, not coastal Ukraine, but all of Ukraine including the whole of central and western Ukraine right up to the Polish and Romanian borders (as well as those of several other bordering countries). That should take another couple of weeks to complete. I’m offering that as a light suggestion, but with the bulk of the Ukraine military already dealt with and the remnants of that possibly being willing to help Russia with the general clean up of the remaining areas of their nation (and also forming the nucleus of a new de-nazified Ukrainian military force), what is to prevent the job from being a relatively quick and mostly painless exercise (for all except the nazis of course and those guilty of war crimes – which Russia itself will conduct and oversee). I hope that is the way it goes. That story is yet to unfold, the current story being almost wrapped up.

Will someone kindly make western media aware of that.

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