They Came To Kill Russians – They Died In Their Sleep

At least 180 foreign mercenaries, scum of the earth, nazis or nazi sympathisers, died in their sleep at a NATO base in western Ukraine near the Polish border, plus several hundreds more were wounded, from a precision Russian missile strike. Of course western media are referring to them as poor civilians – well they would, having no integrity or love of disseminating the truth, wouldn’t they?

The kindness of the Russian military in putting these animals out of their misery while sleeping, knows no bounds. These are the lucky ones. The rest, unless they come to their senses and go home, will have to face much worse slaughter – and then perhaps come up against the Chechens – Ramzan Kadyrov arrives in Ukraine (Readovka News). Wise nazis (is that an oxymoron?) tend to run from these people. Good luck with that, mercenaries – you’ll need it. Sayonara, bitches!

Of course this was not the only important recent missile strike. The Saker posts on three of them, here…

‘Three important missile strikes (UPDATED!)’ – The Saker blog

This news has apparently caused Ukraine to suspend international recruitment of mercenary forces – ‘Ukraine suspends recruitment of mercenaries after Russian Armed Forces strike on firing range’ – News Front – also reported by many other sources.

In other news on the conflict, the forces of LPR have found survivors among many civilians shot by retreating Ukrainian troops – ‘There are survivors in Luhansk people’s republic at the site of massacre of AFU’ – News Front. It’s a dirty business. I mention this because these things never get reported in the west.

I will leave it there. This is not a pretty subject, but then, war never is. There has been no response from the west, and I expect there will be none. Have they yet learned their lesson, or are they so impotent now (as well as incompetent), in face of the still mild-mannered Russian strength (the gloves have not yet come off), that they simply cannot respond with any hope of success? The fact that mercenaries are the only effort the west can produce, speaks volumes.

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