Russian ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine – Day??

It appears that the practice of allocating a day number to the Russia-Ukraine conflict has either stalled or been dumped. The day numbering was never really meaningful anyway, if only for the fact that the war was over and won in reality, and to all intents and purposes, on day 1. And that was only a partial day, in which the overnight destruction of the major part of Ukraine military infrastructure, communication and air defense facilities, actually sealed the outcome. Since then the remaining army units still cohesively formed (air and naval arms effectively already neutralised) have been fighting blind and largely without direction from higher command – which may explain why they haven’t moved much, even to save themselves. The rest of the time since that first day has been spent in trying to convince the Ukraine government and whatever scattered fighting forces still exist to give up, their position having being rendered hopeless. Of course when you are dealing with ideological fanatics, such convincing is not an easy task and numerous unnecessary deaths will play out among both military and the civilians trapped with them (often forcibly, as human shields) in defensible enclaves, until such time as that task is accomplished. And no-one can truthfully claim that Russia has not done all in its power to arrange for the release of those unfortunate civilians and such military as are prepared to surrender arms, to be extracted from those enclaves. Not that those attempts have been more than marginally successful, due to the recalcitrance of the defenders to permit them to leave …and in fact in actively shooting them if they try.

It is a bloody mess, but not one that can be laid at Russia’s door. Western aggression and their sophistry, and seeming delight, in always choosing to align with the most undesirable elements of humanity as their front line troops in their wars of ideology and economic necessity. A gambit that has, with prolonged application, revealed their true position as being unable to field a combat force capable of victory in any peer to peer conflict. In short – why they never turn up for real ground combat situations and are conspicuous in suffering inglorious defeats when they have.

…and so the mopping up (and the extended ‘Phase 2’ operation – to complete the rout and ensure it never happens again) goes on…

‘Major military and political developments and major risks next (UPDATED!)’ – The Saker blog

…and the wild men of the west (and elsewhere) – those who have volunteered in their thousands or even tens of thousands to be mercilessly butchered for an already lost cause, without the benefit of any Geneva Convention, will be dealt with accordingly, fittingly, and swiftly. Their wasted lives being of no consequence to either side – other than having been paid for by western taxpayers. Their ‘no holds barred’ passing will be a unique demonstration to the west of sheer Russian military power – and a partial cleansing of humanity.

Kiev has also been wired hundreds of millions of dollars in fresh economic assistance from its Western patrons, and has set about recruiting a foreign legion of paid mercenaries. Hundreds of Westerners, including neo-Nazis and other far-right volunteers, have already served in Ukraine in the war in the Donbass in 2014 alongside ultranationalist volunteer battalions such as the Azov Regiment and the Right Sector.

‘Kiev Tells Washington It’s Running Out of Stingers and Javelins, Asks for More’ – Sputnik News

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