Russia ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine – Day10

There can be no doubt who has won in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. After this weekend even the composted mindsets of western analysts and reporters will not be able to declare otherwise. Russian forces control 40% of Ukraine territory and that is growing daily. It is known that 75% of the Ukraine military forces and their control mechanisms have been either destroyed or neutralised and they are now incapable of unified or coordinated actions. Another destroyed and abandoned Ukraine military base – complete with undamaged tanks, other armoured vehicles and munitions, was taken over by advancing Russian forces yesterday, as shown in video by Andrei Martyanov here (more valuable equipment to be turned over to DPR/LPR I suspect)…

‘Saturday Primer.’ – Andrei Martyanov blog

That the Ukraine government hass created a ‘Volksturm’ of armed fanatics for defence of its cities, and the resultant futile chaos that ensues from such last-ditch ‘Hitleresque’ actions is among the final actions of a defeated nation. That the west continues to support a ‘Nazified’ regime such as that of Zelensky is, frankly, both difficult to accept or even understand. There will be a flood-tide of red faces and a plethora of back-downs and adjusted views among western interests when this is all over.

I predict the west will never recover from this obvious defeat of their modern military prowess, thrown up in stark silhouette against the background of their utter helplessness to alter the course of these recent events. I feel confident in saying that since the next big event for the west is scheduled to be a complete shutdown of their financial systems resulting it the total collapse of their grubby, decadent societies into a similar chaos as is being experienced now in Ukraine and with possibly greater bloodshed from internal feuding as nation after nation dies of its self-inflicted wounds. This conflict was to be the west’s last chance to assert themselves. They didn’t even show up to contest the event …and then there is the Taiwan situation – which I predict will be another no-show and perhaps even a seamless reintegration, following the uncontested success of Russia’s operation in Ukraine. I think the west now knows it is ‘time up’ for them.

Readovka’s Day 10 map, essential for an overall view, has again been published here…

‘Map of military operations in Ukraine over the past day’ – Readovka News

…and an excellent analysis of the current situation from the blog of The Saker – though with the inclusion of dubious personal undertones again (albeit containing obvious and justified criticisms of aspects of organised religion which could be taken as pertaining generally to the genre as well as to the particular case cited – and raising the question ‘who, foremost, does religion serve?’), here…

‘Day 10 of the Russian special operation in Banderastan’ – The Saker blog

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