I Think This Is That For Which We Have Been Waiting

Is this checkmate for the west? The move they cannot or dare not counter? Or do so at their extreme peril? I think so. The play is made, the ground is laid. It is now up to the west how their future plays out. Will it be the collapse of their hegemonic paradigm? Or their utter destruction? It can only be one or the other. A dichotomy of choices. From one they may eventually rebuild. From the other, there will be little chance of rebuilding. Rehabilitation and Integration, perhaps.

There is a time for everything. Some may say the time for this move by Russia and the two Donbass independent republics should have come earlier, but I say that whenever something happens, no matter the consequences of the timing, then that is the right time. I congratulate and endorse the wisdom of the leaders of these nations for making this stand today (or maybe late yesterday, it is not clear).

I am not going to make further comments, which would only be personal views. The whole world will witness what happens from this point on.

© Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

‘Putin signs decrees on recognizing Donetsk and Lugansk republics’ – TASS

Putin signs ‘immediate’ recognition of Donbass

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