New Central America Hotspot Developing?

Whenever and wherever a global trouble-spot erupts, you can bet that the US is somewhere involved, in the shadows – which is the only place they have any jurisdiction or influence globally nowadays.

And so, a US store-front known as El Salvador has obviously been activated to cause whatever trouble they can in this now comparatively quiet corner of the globe in Central America. I suspect this is likely due to the activities of both Russia and China in neighbouring Nicaragua – part of what the Biden scarecrow was recently animated to dub ‘America’s Frontyard’ (which I suppose then makes Canada ‘America’s new Backyard’). I wonder if Canadians know that?

Anyway, TeleSUR has these recent stories to fill in any gaps as to what has occurred. I sense another case of ‘watch this space’.

‘Salvadoran Armed Ships Enter Nicaraguan Maritime Space’ – TeleSUR English – Published 7 February 2022

‘Nicaragua Asks El Salvador to Abide by International Law’ – TeleSUR English – Published 8 February 2022

And if you are unaware as to what China and Russia are doing in that region, these articles may help with that (though of course, as with everything, there is much more to it)…

‘Nicaragua rides wave of China, reaffirming BRI’ – Global Times – Published: Jan 12, 2022 

‘Putin, Ortega stress importance of Russian-Nicaraguan coordination on international arena’ – TASS – Published: Jan 19, 2022

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