Has China Just Now Quietly Issued A Red Line To The US?

Demonstrating just how mean-spirited, underhand, deceitful, aggressive, and dog-faced the US can be (sorry, dogs, I love you all, well, most of you), the State Department has approved and certification has been delivered to Congress for the sale of some $100 million of military hardware and support services to the Taiwan local government. This in direct contravention of various memoranda of agreement by the US to honour the One China policy.

Fresh from a joint signing with Russia of a new era of international relations in many fields, including that of security, China, with renewed confidence has, I think (time and further announcements no doubt will tell), issued a Red Line to the US on that proposed sale, declaring (I’d better stick to the script – which is written in diplomatese and therefore indecipherable to ordinary folk as to just exactly what it entails) in this, what appears to be direct quotes…

“Due to this, China expresses a resolute protest and a strong condemnation. We are urging the US to strictly observe the ‘One China’ principle and the provisions of three Chinese-US communiques and to immediately annul the aforementioned plan to deliver arms to Taiwan.”

“China will unfailingly undertake the necessary and effective measures in order to strengthen its sovereignty and ensure its interests in the security sphere.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian – as reported by TASS – US should immediately cancel arms deliveries to Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry says

China’s Global Times relates the current situation like this…

‘China vows to take powerful measures against US’ latest arms sale to Taiwan island’ – By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun for Global Times – Published: Feb 08, 2022

It is a pretty low-down trick (typical of US though) to pull something like this in the middle of an Olympic Games – which they undoubtedly wanted to disrupt and fail, but which is going well to great international reviews and acclaim. It would not be surprising if they had more disruptive plans waiting to be unleashed – perhaps in Ukraine or its Donbass region.

The US is led by small-minded shriveled caricatures of human beings, destitute of all natural feelings except lust, hate and greed. To Hell with them, or some other equivalent rest home for the wicked – according to your beliefs.

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