Do You Have To Be Stupid Or Just Dumb To Get A Job In US Department of State?

Americans, and I suspect real Americans might cringe at this, Ok, let’s narrow it down a bit – Americans at the US Dept of State appear to be saying (but since they, as snake-oil salesmen, talk out of both sides of their mouth, who’s to know?) that the Minsk agreements need to be implemented in full. Well, Bravo! Give them a cigar! The Russians have been saying this since 2014 (or thereabouts – for me it disappears somewhat into the mists of faded memory), apparently to deaf ears until just now.

But wait! Take the cigar back! It’s all bullshit!

They, the DoS, are using that quite benign statement – with which no-one would disagree (except the Ukraine government -for whom it is too difficult to understand and/or accept, so ignoring it seems the best option they perceive for themselves), to act as cover for… (why does everything need to be covered or, to put it another way – camouflaged? That’s simple to answer – everything is bullshit and so needs to be associated with something which on the surface does not appear to be bullshit – and if you can get your target to accept that as not bullshit, you’ve scored a point. So, in the end it is all about point-scoring) …the earlier bullshit.

Inserted later:

I published this an hour or so ago, not realising that I had missed out a whole lot of what I had intended to say. This is the missing part. Maybe it is time I gave this non-paying job away. Too many distractions this afternoon or maybe not enough sleep.

I missed out might have made the previous paragraph read a little more sensibly. What was actually being covered (remember that bit?) was what followed the first bullshit DoS statement, which was – quoting the TASS post…

“As Price argued, one party to these agreements is responsible for the vast majority of [their] violations. The head of the press service specified that he meant Russia.”

As everyone knows, or should do by now (unless you are a DoS employee, in which case you are paid not to know), Russia is not, has never been, and never will be, a party to the Minsk agreements – which are made exclusively between the Kiev government and the governments of the two independent republics, the Donetsk Peoples Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic. I have just listed the only three signatories to the Minsk agreements. Russia has nothing to do with that, other than, along with France, Germany, and Ukraine – otherwise known as the Normandy Four – (and I am not sure of the exact words here) in facilitating the fulfillment of those agreements. That is all.

Russia is not holding back or in any way hindering such fulfillment. But one of the ‘four’ is doing that. It is the only one that is also a signatory to the agreements. And that is the Ukraine itself, which having no alternative to making itself subject to the agreements in the first place – its military having been thoroughly whipped by the civilian separatists of the two now independent republics (without Russian assistance) – but now having been whispered to by the US snake-oil salesmen (and bitch Nuland), think they can wangle themselves out of the situation with US/NATO support (the fools). They have no idea they are being used up as pawns in the US/NATO games – but they will soon – unless they fulfill their part of the Minsk bargain. But all that is of no interest to the west of course. They have bigger fish to fry. But point-scoring is going to avail them nothing in the drubbing they are going to receive from Russia if they even attempt to turn up the heat, and/or fail to turn it down to Russia’s satisfaction.

“Russia’s embassy takes words by State Department on Minsk agreements as positive signal” – TASS

So, the DoS has scored a point it seems, as the Russian embassy has accepted, or appears to have accepted that as being genuine. Well, actually, they say they have seen it as a ‘positive signal’. That should be worth double points. But who knows if that reported response is actually Russian bullshit, and they don’t really believe a word of what the DoS said – the embassy just putting out friendly signals in response (they are good at that). It’s called ‘diplomacy’.

So, for the moment I am firmly holding on to that cigar. Until all becomes clear, nobody gets it.

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