What Really Itches US Where It Can’t Scratch

Why Russia is not terribly interested in NATO bases anywhere in Europe – but of course is necessarily interested in their troop movements near its borders. Fixed positions (like US cities, ICBM silos, and military installations/bases/buildings) are dealt with within minutes (even on the other side of the world), but stuff that moves requires current coordinates to be able to neutralise. This is also not really a problem with modern communications and satellite observation – especially when you have full control (blocking) over what the enemy is able see, in the air, land, sea, or space.

‘Russian Navy creates threat much more powerful than Cuban army base off US coast’ – Pravda

Yes, it is perfectly true that the Borei class nuclear powered submarine does carry 160 separately targetable nuclear warheads, all of which can be put into the air in just 16 launches. Below the sea, it is virtually undetectable – as the surprise visit off the US coast, described in the article, and then disappeared again.

And then there is this – happened today…

‘Russia unexpectedly scrambles Tu-95 strategic bomber aircraft’ – Pravda

Since the videos in those articles are also on YouTube, I take the liberty of sharing them here.

…and if anyone is inclined to smirk at the utilitarian design of that old workhorse model, the origins of which first flew in 1952 but which remained in production for 42 years (and still represents a valid place in the Russian armoury), take a look at this sleek and powerful bird which is the latest iteration of what followed it…

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