An Explainer For My Recent Covid Post

In a post yesterday, which began ‘This is not about Covid – There are bigger issues’ and stated that ‘SARS-CoV-2 does not exist in the real world – it is a computer model which has never been physically isolated’. I talked about ‘…not a single person in the whole world has therefore died’ from such a non-existent illness (how could they?), but knowing that several million folks have been recorded as dying from it (or a variant), I posed the question – ‘Then, what did they die from?’

Having now realised that a) few people are likely to have watched the video I shared there, and b) it is not clear that the video, in amongst all the other things it talked about, adequately explained why what I said is actually true, I am offering this as an explainer for my position.

This is not a retraction, not a stepping back from what I said, in any way. I am convinced of the truth of that. And it is not about Covid really, which is just a small part of a much bigger conspiracy (oh dear, I should not have used that word, but I did, so let’s just get on with it …and for those who just ‘left the building’ over its use, well… it’s their loss) which has wider implications for humanity as a whole. I will not be getting into that here. It is too big a subject to condense into a blog post. Let’s just stick with this brief explainer which I will attempt to express in simple terms – because everybody should know. Others, much more qualified than I have attempted to do that but I have not found a single attempt which I personally find satisfying and complete for the understanding of ordinary folk. Too much doctor talk.

When Covid began, it was somewhere else. Somewhere we were not particularly interested in. You and I were not effected. In fact we were probably completely disinterested in the story. Then something happened which did effect us. Many of our relatives living in, let’s call them what they are – Old Folks Homes – began to die from what was referred to as a strange new illness somehow related to the reported illness from that ‘somewhere else’. Additionally we heard of its spread among cruise ships on the high seas. Now, I think it would be universally recognised that cruise ships are merely temporary floating palaces for ‘Old Folk’ so, with them all huddled up together in a confined space for a while, it is not surprising that the ‘Old Folk started to get sick and die in proportionately large numbers on those cruises.

Then there were reported breakouts in various western countries – the US and Europe – where the same pattern emerged. It was again mostly the ‘Old Folk’ who were infected and died in large numbers. Younger people seemingly were not, in the main, subject to the illness, whatever it was.

So that was generally speaking the view that prevailed in the early days. This was said to be a quite mild flu-like disease causing little harm to most people who got it – and that was only about 1%, give or take, of the population – except that if you were over maybe 50-60 years of age, you stood a high risk of dying – especially if you had some other form of illness, a co-morbidity. And old folk with co-morbidity died like flies in their nursing homes, on their cruise ships and in their compulsory isolation hotel rooms.

A regime of fear was generated from this. The old folk needed to be protected, it was said. So everybody else, except the children, were coerced into a mask-wearing regime coupled with compulsory isolation (or ‘quarantine’ if you prefer), so that the disease would not spread. All non-essential work was stopped and nations were shut down. All over a non-existent disease.

However did things arrive at a situation like that? Everything that came before, suddenly lost any importance it once held. And not only that but if people wanted to go anywhere (like the few places they were permitted to go) they were required to undergo a not painless (I’m told, having never personally submitted to taking one) procedure where some presumed trained person sticks a frightening semi-flexible stick topped with goo absorbing material which is swished around high up in your nasal cavity to collect a sample of snot and whatever else you may be harbouring up there, for some sort of laboratory analysis in a test procedure which was neither designed to, nor is capable of, detecting the presence of the supposed disease in question, nor in fact of any other disease. Neither can the tests conducted, even if they detect some form of genetic material, give any indication as to whether that material is, or once was, alive or was synthetically produced (chemically engineered). And that test has been mandated as being an accurate virus detection method for this specific disease. That is just plain lies.

This was the now ubiquitously known ‘PCR Test’ and there was one major result only from the introduction of the procedure (if we discount the countless wasted hours people have queued up waiting to receive one – numerous times in most cases) and that was that the virus case load suddenly ballooned as a result of ‘false positive’ results from the tests. This was not an increase in the spread of the (non-existent) disease but a necessary feature required by the ‘profit motive’ of those who purposed the pandemic threat in the first place. It was noted, and I personally noted at the time (around March/April 2020 – look back at my posts from that time to see) when I was monitoring the figures on a daily basis, that a relatively stable cases to deaths ratio (as would be expected from any viral outbreak) suddenly went all haywire with skyrocketing case numbers and eventually plateauing daily death counts. That just does not happen naturally. It was of course all down to the increasing number of PCR test being carried out. It bore no relation to the amount of disease coursing through the community – which remained at zero (what else from a non-existent disease? I will get to what it was – the original disease – in a while). It was at that point I gave up any monitoring of the figures, which I then knew were being falsely reported due to the misleading test results. And the more people submitted to the test regime, the faster the case-load grew. But it was still mostly the aged who were topping the death count, the daily figures of which which had dropped significantly (there weren’t that many old folk left to kill off – and they were being killed off by hospital administered drug overdoses).

The next stage of the pandemic, which was what actually gave the game away, and was only made possible because of the heightened fear and submission of the general public to whatever story the health officials and government spokespersons dictated, was the introduction of so-called and falsely called ‘vaccines’. But before I get to that, consider this. Since the pandemic was declared and up to around December 2020 – the ‘virus’ story had been going for a year by then, with several waves of ever higher case numbers but little change to the death count (said to be due to better treatment – what treatment?) and each wave being given its own ‘variant’ name (totally made up because how can a non-existent virus mutate?) – and here is the punch-line – of all the deaths attributed to the virus, none of the bodies of the deceased had been post-mortemed* but were quickly (after being stacked in refrigerated trucks and the like, until somebody made a decision) buried in mass graves, burned on funeral pyres or cremated. In not a single case was it determined what exactly killed them.

* Except for a few cases illegally conducted by doctors who wanted to know what it was that was killing their patients.  Some of them published their findings – I think I shared one somewhere along the line.  


With apologies, I correct the above statement, which itself was added after publication (at a time when I should have been asleep). I never knowingly make false statements and that late night addition is in fact not incorrect but placed at the wrong point in the story. It should have appeared several paragraphs down from here after I talk about the introduction of vaccines.

I use this correction to make a further point which I failed to do earlier. Of course traces of virus would be found in any autopsy performed on a post-vaccine Covid patient. The vaccines introduce artificial viral components into the body which then turns into a virus laboratory – which is where post-vaccine mutations arise and are spread through shedding of actual virus particles. In this way, the vaccines are responsible, entirely responsible, for the spread of such infections causing the first and subsequent deaths from actual coronavirus disease. Coronavirus is being made in the bodies of vaccinated persons, infecting others, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. This has become a disease of the vaccinated not the unvaccinated – who are by now very much in the minority of humanity (at least in those nations – mostly western – that have indulged in heavy vaccination programs). I repeat my claim that no-one had died from SARS-CoV-2 prior to the introduction of Covid vaccines.

This correction is itself now out of place. It should have appeared several paragraphs down from here. Please read on with that in mind.

That position changed after the introduction of vaccines.

I’m not sure how much more I can go on with this. It becomes so morbidly distressing to even think about. And why should I do it? I who have shut myself away, shunning all human contact for the past six months and minimising such contact earlier. I who am not operating in the medical field but have studied, my intuition telling me that something was amiss very early on, all aspects of this appalling interlude in the lives of all who lived through these disturbed last two years. I will go on, but this already grows longer than my usual posts here.

The major change with the introduction of the genetically modified RNA vaccines and also the genetically modified disease vector vaccines (which pretty much covers all of them), was that for the first time during the pandemic we began to see both the immediate, short term and long term effects of real viral disease being introduced into human bodies through the needles jabbed into people’s arms.

It has still not been properly brought to the awareness of the general public (and this has to be a crime in any country) that not a single Covid vaccine has been officially authorised for use on human beings for other than experimental reasons. So it has to be considered that every needle jabbed into someone’s arm was either done illegally or it was part of a drug treatment experiment. I have not and never will submit to any Covid vaccine solely for that reason. I do have other reasons but that is the main one. It will be of no excuse for the doctors and nurses who have administered those shots to plea ignorance of those facts before the courts to which they will eventually be summoned to answer for their crimes. You think there is a shortage of doctors and nurses now? Wait until that day of judgement comes around. Of course those crimes may be mitigated somewhat by the terms of consent that recipients signed before taking the jab. Did you read the small print? Can a crime be committed on someone who has signed away their rights of redress in law?

Back to the vaccines. I believe all Covid vaccines function by ‘training’ or somehow inducing cells within the body (I don’t have the details – such things are of no interest to me – it’s the effect that counts) to produce what has been termed ‘spike’ proteins to mimic the actions of coronavirus ‘spikes’ and therefore stimulate a person’s immune system to react against those spikes and thus providing the same immunity as having overcome a dose of the real virus would. Somehow, these synthetically produced spikes are said to know which cells to attach to for the best effect, do their job and then die (presumably killed by the immune response) at which point they are ejected from the body – and in extreme circumstances perhaps eventually settle deep into someone else’s nasal cavity – who just happens to be standing in a queue for yet another PCR test? No? Too far fetched?

Well, I think that gives a fair representation of how I think this all works. I have deliberately left out all unnecessary detail, such as whose idea was this? What are they getting out of it? What’s to become of us all? How does thia affect the children? Just what will happen to me now that I have had the jab? I’m sure you can, if this has brought some realisation to you that you have been diddled and are perhaps now awaiting a slow death, then you could do some research for yourself to answer those questions, and more. You could even look back through my post on Covid for pointers to a great deal of good material which has been published over the past two years.

There is only one question for me to answer. The one I promised at the beginning. All those who died at the beginning of the pandemic – mostly old folk and/or those with co-morbidities or compromised immune systems, what was it that killed them if there was no Covid going around at the time?

You remember that that was in late 2019 – early 2020, the normal flu season. Is that a clue?

No-one talks of flu jabs these days. There have been few or no deaths or hospitalisations from flu for two years now. It is as though influenza has simply disappeared – and at exactly the same time as Covid appeared. Now, I know that these are two different viruses, even if one of them exists only in computer storage – having never been isolated in a natural environment (the original SARS-CoV-2 that is). But since none of the bodies of those who died prior to the introduction of Covid vaccines were actually checked for presence of that virus, we have no idea what it was that killed them. But it is very suspicious that one virus completely disappears (a virus that was dangerous mainly to old folk and the otherwise health compromised) and a new virus is said (not proven) to have taken its place in the human community (with exactly the same effects) at exactly the same time as the old virus is supposed to show up, but doesn’t, isn’t it? Maybe Trump was right when he said – Covid is just a mild flu.

People are still dying in small numbers from this year’s flu (labelled as Covid death), but most of the deaths now and since the Covid vaccines were introduced which are recorded as Covid deaths, are not actually as a result of a real coronavirus but are mainly due to the actions of the Covid vaccines on their unfortunate self-inflicted bodies.

And still people are queueing up to get tested, pumping up to ever greater heights the number of cases of a fictitious virus, then still making appointments to be injected with further ‘booster’ shots in a never-ending cycle of chaos, their lives and health ruined until falling foul of vile, self-introduced, activity corrupting their immune system and perpetrating diabolical destruction within their own bodies. Ending only, for many of them, when rendered incapable of looking after themselves and eventually (or sooner) their gruesome and painful death.

I have one more question, which I will not answer. With the vaccination of children with the same evil concoction, which is also (I have not previously mentioned) acting to sterilize those so vaccinated, what is to become of the human species within a single generation?

I have not corrected this for editing/typo errors. I beg your indulgence, it is now my bedtime.

One thought on “An Explainer For My Recent Covid Post

Add yours

  1. I think you’re fundamentally right. Here’s my take on it and where we might differ:

    1) There is a new virus, related to the common cold virus, and different to the normal flu virus.
    2) This new virus was deliberately engineered in a Chinese lab, by ‘gain of function’ methods to make it more severe than a common cold. Reason: playing with bio-weapon research.
    3) This ‘new’ virus was accidentally or deliberately released (I’m voting for deliberately, but stupid people often do stupid things accidentally).
    4) It replaced the normal flu virus (which still exists somewhere), because it was more successful and prevented the flu virus from taking hold (hence the surprise: “oh,look, I wonder why the flu virus has disappeared”
    5) Like the flu virus it killed the vulnerable elderly with co-morbidities, and had virtually no effect on fit, younger people or children. No surprise there.
    6) It was therefore a prime target for the introduction of money-making vaccines, but first, since only the vulnerable take the flu vaccine, people had to be made to fear it, so that everyone would rush to get their jab.
    7) Successful fear campaign by media vested on a largely medically-ignorant public, plus shutting down of any other knowledge or opinion, plus lockdowns, plus the whole gamut.

    The rest, as they say, is history,

    I suspected the spike protein from the start. If it was one of the virus proteins that made people so sick, why was it being deliberately introduced into the body via vaccines? Oh, they said, to encourage the body to produce antibodies against it. How much is produced? Is it the same for everybody? I got blank looks when I asked and no answers via searching. I said to someone that I might as well get the virus for the same effect, and at least get antibodies to all the virus proteins and not just one.

    Annual covid deaths/cases pre-vaccine were no more than annual flu deaths. Covid deaths/cases post-vaccine are skyrocketing because the vaccines are causing covid. It’s no surprise that the vaccine-induced symptoms are the same. The virus is being put into people now via the vaccines.

    Anyway I’ve gone on long enough, but here’s the greatest absurdity (you may already know this one): people applying for euthanasia services in Germany are now required to be vaccinated to be eligible. You couldn’t make this up.

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