‘High Noon’ Defused – But What Awaits?

It is not really time for me to be writing about the situation brewing over the Russia vs West crash of wills. Events are moving too fast at the moment. Anything said could be out of date by the next day. And there you go, right after my previous post regarding Friday, Jan 21 ‘High Noon’ moment, there is a report that US SoS Blinken has stated he will not be presenting a paper to Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov on Friday.

‘US not to present written response to Russia’s proposals during Friday meeting — Blinken’ – TASS

Well, there’s a fitting ante-climax (ante- not anti-) to the Friday meeting. Why bother showing up at all on Friday? So, what is going to happen? Either Sergei will bite Anthony’s head off (unlikely) or he will patiently allow him to do his snake-oil spiel and then bi… (no no, ban that thought) …and then make it very clear that there will be no further dialog of any kind, with any western authority, but that Russia will be seriously considering what it should do next (not that they won’t already have done that) and that the west should expect the unexpected from this point on.

Alternatively, he could say, “Ok, we played our bluff and obviously we lost. Give us time to digest your snake-oil and we will talk again soon”.

I personally see no other options now. Which do you think is most likely to occur? And how come this state of affairs has been reached?

I will tell you how we have reached this point. The west is led by blind and literally stupid people. People who are incapable of seeing the gravity of the current situation, for whatever reason. A great many other people (some innocent but mostly not – because they have passively allowed or even worked towards this situation to occur) will die as a direct result of it in the near future.

And what is Russia’s most likely reaction to today’s announcement? I will tell you this – whether Blinken keeps his head on his shoulders is as yet undecided, but Russia will not back down. There is no bluff here. But if, for any reason, Russia does back down, I will not write another word (I am totally confident that will not happen).

I don’t see any point in talking about this or anything else just now. We must watch and see what is to occur. If you thought that waiting for this moment was difficult, to what level now must our anxiety be raised?

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