Rough Diamonds

Today I am presenting two articles, the latest (published today) from the blog of Andrei Martyanov – the author of such recent books as ‘DISINTEGRATION: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse’ and ‘THE (Real) REVOLUTION IN MILITARY AFFAIRS’ – both of which I have read, and both of which are well written (or well edited) exposés of fairly obfuscated truths about current situations still awaiting their time to be revealed to the confused masses of humanity. People like me and, hopefully you also, have already grasped the general picture from observation and careful reading – with Andrei, an obvious expert in such matters, filling in the many and broad gaps in our knowledge.

In direct contrast to his books, Andrei’s blog posts are written largely off-the-cuff. The truth is still there, but it often takes some personal concentration by the reader to extract it – which makes the reading kind of a fun effort anyway. And it is not so difficult as I may have described. I rate the rewards, in gained understanding, far in excess of the effort applied.

And so, I am not going to interpret for you. Why spoil the fun? That is yours to enjoy. If ‘enjoy’ is the right word here. It is really quite a sorry tale. Not to spoil your enjoyment, the only clue I can or will offer is… The West is well and truly fucked.

Post 1. The Fate of the West.

Post 2. Short Explanation. (OK. Second clue – this one is about hypersonics.)

Enjoy! …enjoy? …yes, enjoy!

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