AUKUS -The Three Amigos – A Tragi-Comedy Act

The most sensible statement I have read today came from this Sydney Morning Herald article. “It’s a Cracker” as I heard another comedian say a long time ago…

“The three amigos – an Aussie marketing huckster, an English buffoon and an American senior citizen. Fresh from being chased out of Afghanistan and humiliated by barbarian terrorists they’d set out to defeat 20 years earlier. Their marquee initiative – for Washington and London to supply nuclear propulsion technology for Australian submarines – is serious. But Canberra has no ability to make use of it in a deployable submarine for at least another 20 years. What’s the point of giving an engine to someone without a car?”

‘Morrison, the third amigo, speaks loudly to Xi’ – SMH September 18, 2021 — 5.00am

And now these three Anglo stalwarts (I use the term ‘anglo’ tentatively here to mean ‘English speaking peoples’, because I am aware that such usage is offensive to some actual anglos by birth) want to take on China – and its mates. Is that too stupid to be laughable? Tragi-Comedy is I think the closest I can get just now to describing what it is.

The link is there. Why not read the whole SMH article?

Illustration: John Shakespeare – from the SMH article

OK, so, does this mean that the much vaunted ‘Quad’ has sailed off somewhere into the sunset? Leaving Japan very much on its own, since India never was anything but lukewarm about the arrangement and would be best advised to get on better terms with China – which is light years ahead in most relevant factors. India, China, Russia, would be one enormous economic and powerful geopolitical grouping. Have they not thought of that? And they could shelter and bring on the whole of Asia along with them. Am I dreaming?

What it does mean is that the Anglos, well, some of them, and I’m not sure the others would be too excited by the idea, are circling the wagons, again in somebody else’s patch, as a sort of Custer’s last stand – because that is what it will turn into if someone fires the odd stray shot.

Ah well, I am perhaps too old to care very much what happens now. And I have to consider the prospect of myself being dragged off to some Aussie internment camp for the unvaxxed at some stage. Perhaps the Chinese, Russians and Indians will come liberate me when they have finished sinking Anglo-Amigo naval assets. That would be a plan I could work with.

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