You Can Fool Some of the People… But the Truth Will Always Come Out Eventually

It is Truth Time folks. Are you ready? Really ready? There’s an old saying… “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”. We are, I truly believe, living in a “fool’s paradise”, where a great many have allowed themselves to be ‘fooled’ into believing in something that does not exist – to the extent that they have been willing to compromise their very own existence. That is an astounding situation, is it not? How could it have come about?

I have raised these questions before, but let me tell you about it…

Some time prior to November 2019, morgue facilities around the world were expanded. Some of them by adding inflatable rooms, others by pre-locating large, pantechnicon (container) type vehicles, for bulk body storage in anticipation of some upcoming event which would produce large numbers of human bodies, the disposal of which could foreseeably (that’s a real word although spell-checkers may disagree) result in desperate measures needing to be taken to protect public health. Predictably, those facilities were used, and filled, in the subsequent months. A short-lived affair that served its purpose and could then be dropped. That purpose? To instill fear in the peoples of the world in support of the biggest con-job that has ever been dropped on humanity. A con that we are still living under, and a fear that still drives and motivates a great many people to subject themselves to the mose extreme deprivations and infringements of their basic human rights and liberties – and, in many cases, leading to their early death.

Since that time, across the years 2020 and so far into 2021, as I write, there has been no noticeable increase in the number of total deaths across the world. As a rider to that, and before I give some figures, let me say that the number of deaths is increasing gradually each year. This is as much a function of the general increase in population numbers, lifestyle choices, the crowding effect and climate disasters, as it is to any other factor. I will say more on this later.

Here is some information from Our World In Data.

Total deaths: 2017 – 56.94 million || 2018 – 57.63 million || 2019 – 58.39 million

I cannot currently find an accurate figure for total world deaths in 2020. Whether that is being withheld because it may undermine the current COVID narrative or not, I don’t know, but it would have to be revealed eventually and it would be expected to be in the order of 59-60 million. And for 2021, 60-61 million. Since currently 4.7 million deaths have so far been erroneously attributed to COVID (there have arguably, and logically, been zero COVID attributable deaths), there is no room in those figures that would provide any validity to the pandemic counts. That, I think, will eventually be proven to be the case. COVID does not exist. There is no COVID. And, that being true, there is also no need for a COVID vaccine nor, consequently, any form of mass vaccination program such as we see across the globe today. So, why do we see that? And why have we so readily accepted the necessity for such things? The answer lies in the pre-planning for this catastrophic COVID holocaust we are witnessing.

So, where did the fear generating piles of bodies and hospital filled with very sick people come from? Hold that thought for a while. The questions will be answered in the video statement (thank goodness someone is allowed to talk rather than being interviewed) I will share below by a British undertaker who is risking his life and/or liberty to expose the vile scheme.

I outlined the first steps of this pre-planned virus story in what I said above. The piles of bodies. The generation of mass fear in the population. That all represents the first stage of the plan, up to around April-May of 2019. What have we seen since then? Mass isolation in stringent lock-downs, increasing the fear factor while we waited in hope for the promised elixir of a COVID vaccine which would free us from all our fears and allow us to get back to normal. How has that worked out? The vaccines, rushed into production (or out of pre-storage) and given emergency approval only, became the basis of a mass vaccination program beginning late in 2019, when sufficient eagerness for the shots had been instilled in people. With what result? A massive increase in supposed breakouts (fostered by useless and inconclusive PCR tests which allowed for any desired diagnosis) which covered the also massive increase in deaths. Have you yet made that connection between vaccination and deaths? Of course not, other than in the wise, due to the ‘unvaxxed’ unfairly copping the blame for the disaster. What a great plan. We should applaud its audacity and mourn its success because, like it or not, it has been successful in fooling a great many people all over the world into participating in their own demise by being injected with toxic fluids loosely disguised as a ‘vaccine’. They all will die, in many cases an early death, and/or suffer interminable bodily injuries as a result.

And what of those of us who have held out against being so experimented on? Will we be allowed to live? And what of our children, the plan for whom is ‘sterilisation’ and/or death as well? These questions are also answered in the video below.

I have put this post together very quickly as soon as I received notification of this video. Much has been left unsaid and perhaps what I have said could have been expressed more eloquently, but I consider this to be a catalyst moment in the history of mankind. Will the world stand up and overthrow those regimes so determined to fool us and terminate us, leaving for themselves what remains of the good things of our planet? That remains to be seen.

Act. Do something. Or it will all be over very soon. I, for one, do not want to end my days murdered by a Midazolam overdose, as so many of our folk, mainly the old in care homes, but not exclusively so, have been victimised to end theirs by the ruthless exploitation of medical authorities – under orders from mostly unseen would-be inheritors of our planet after we have all gone.

Here’s the video… (I understand it has been banned on YouTube so I provide a couple of links on other platforms)!!!-FUNERAL-DIRECTOR-JOHN-OLOONEY-BLOWS-THE-WHISTLE-ON-COVID:3

Added after publication:

As some insurance in case those video links disappear, here is an alternative interview with John O’Looney by Irish journalist Lindie Naughton from EarthNewspaper (All The Honest News Fit To Publish) on September 5, a few days earlier. I am sharing this as it contains much the same information but also some other pertinent facts on the COVID issue. Worth a look…

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