Memories Begin Again Today

You will have no apologies from me.

These four people have given the world so much joy and pleasure over the years.
It is fitting that we recognise and acknowledge that.
And it is good to hear them again with fresh songs and vital lyrics, filled now with compelling, mature thoughts.

Welcome back, ABBA. …even if we can only see you perform now, so far at least, from old film clips and also through the electronic magic of avatars – or should that be (as someone already suggested) ‘ABBAtars’.

This is a must read on the digital show they have recorded for presentation in a specially built arena in London –  ‘ABBA is back! (Listen to two new songs)’ – Yandex Zen   – you will need a translator for the text (unless you speak/read Russian) – the Yandex browser comes with an inbuilt one.

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