Creating Robots!

I feel I just had to separate out one video from my previous post on Tessa Lena’s ‘Peasant Wisdom’ – a remarkable story which you also shouldn’t miss. It is this interview with a holocaust survivor who speaks about the rights of the individual being of far greater importance than the welfare of the community (since the former is inclusive of the latter, but not necessarily the other way round – as many today are discovering). This is not to be missed.

It is the antithesis of modern thinking. But then, modern thinking is turning all of us into robots. Robots willing to ‘willingly’, ie. without care or thought for oneself, give up our personal rights (to do what we think is best), instead to do and behave in ways the current zeitgeist informs or demands that we act and behave (whether backed by law or not).

I think you should take a look. Especially if being turned into a robot is not your thing.

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